Thursday, July 2, 2015

For Shame Regina, For Shame

The photos of Wascana Park the morning after Canada Day celebrations tell a tale of deep shame against those of us who live in Regina.  Thousands of people were in the park yesterday for the special events and they left behind what appears to be several tons of garbage.  What a mess....everywhere in the park.  It is going to take city crews a full day or more to remove the food wrappers, discarded clothing, used diapers and general junk.  What a sad commentary of where we are at as residents of this city.

Now, I admit, I was not in the park yesterday.  Perhaps the city was lax about putting extra garbage cans onsite, but even if that is true it is no excuse for the cans that were overturned during the festivities, no excuse for people opting to leave their garbage on the ground instead of taking it home to dispose of if there were insufficient empty cans available in the park.  What an embarrssment for our city to have such photos floating around in cyperspace this morning, photos of garbage strewn all over the place with the resident geese feasting on things that are probably toxic to their systems.  Sad, very sad.

Kudos to the many folk in our complex who came out to the lawns in front of our unit last night to watch the fireworks, streaming in from all the other buildings.  There wasn't so much as a cigarette butt in front of our place this morning.  And yes, I know that for a fact because I took an early morning tour out there with rubber gloves and a plastic bag in case the property right here needed some tidying. It was a quick trip. Yay!!

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