Sunday, July 5, 2015

Funky Funky...Jesus!

This morning I attended the first combined summer season service of the year between our own congregation and the United congregation that shares our building.  It was quite a mish mash of styles and beliefs and songs and offerings and childrens' stories and politically charged reflections about the environment.  I am so grateful for my early days in the Jesus People because mish mash and confusion of styles and beliefs and worship is no big deal to me.  Today reminded me of the early 1970's, that is for sure: no one quite knew what was going on for most of the hour, but we all joined in with whatever was happening. hahaha  My husband is at camp and I am wondering if he and his campers had as entertaining a service there as we had here at home.

What really struck me as hilarious was one of the songs we sang: Funky Jesus Loves Me.  It is a camp song version with the lyrics changed in order to be appropriate for the United Church.  Beside the lyric changes there were also a lot of na na na's and woo woo's and unh uhn's, along with rythmic leg beating and hand clapping.

The song is very cute and great for camp fire singing, it just gave me a start to see "Funky Jesus Loves Me" typed on the bulletin.  There are a couple of ways to interpret that title:
1. Funky!!!  Jesus Loves Me!!!
2. "Funky Jesus" loves me!

Wonder what will happen at next week's service.  The United Church leader is trying to make us Anglicans feel more welcome by adding in elements of our own service to theirs....his heart is in the right place but not sure how well this is going to work for the next couple of months.  We may lose people from both congregations for the summer months after today's attempts. hahaha  I hope people will just roll with the punches as we stumble through the next 8 weeks or so, trying to find a good way to share our differences and worship together well.  

So now it is time for me to head off down the smoke covered highway to a bridal shower out of town.  On the road 'n' Funky Jesus!

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