Thursday, July 2, 2015

Giant Glowing Orange Ball in the Sky and Women's Stuff Too

The smoke has been thick outside again today.  Today is the first day I was conscious of a teensy bit of lung congestion, so I drove about the city to do my errands, instead of walking, to save myself from developing an asthma reaction. was such a beautiful warm day with only that ongoing smoke to ruin it.  However, errands are done and that is more important today.

It is just after 8pm so the sun is starting to sink down a bit in the western sky.  The smoke in the atmosphere makes the sun appear bright orange with an odd pink halo surrounding it.  I remember the smog in Tokyo leaving us with a sun that appeared to be blood red, particularly in the evenings.  The sun here in Saskatchewan tonight is such an odd colour.  My chest is a bit heavy, but I am extremely grateful that it has taken a full 5 days of this smoke before any sort of obvious respiratory symptoms have set in.  Tomorrow will be Day 6 and I am wondering how much longer my lungs and sinuses are going to be able to handle this.  Sigh....please old body, just a few more days...please.....

Tomorrow I need to make the long walk downtown and back for the dreaded annual bra shopping expedition....I thought I had all ready accomplished that for this year but am realizing the cheap bras I purchased really don't fit my sagging self as well as I thought.  Poop!  I thought weight loss was supposed to begin with the boobs, not wait until after the rest of the body has finished trimming down!!

I made a maiden foray to a well known lingerie chain this morning, hoping I could find the right one(s) among the hundreds available there.  Guess I should have waited until I was in the mood because it was a disastrous excursion.  I had a nice quiet time going through the large bins of sale bras, all so nicely organized by size and sporting a wonderful array of colours and styles.  The nice quiet time ended when I went to the clerk to ask for a dressing room.  I spent the next 10 minutes being overwhelmed with far more attention than I ever ever ever wanted, requests to measure me and help me and find other styles and sizes and colours and and and and and and soon as I could manage to sneak my own bra and clothes back on, push myself past her and out of the dressing room, I flung the bra at her that I had tried to try on in private and fled for my life. I am sure the very bra I need is hanging somewhere on those display walls in the store, but the complete lack of privacy and time to think and make my own decisions means that, if it is there, it will remain there until someone more attuned to that sort of onslaught of customer service shows up.  Yikes....  Is there anything more annoying than having a perky 20 year old want to measure your old aged boobs????  Gadzooks....she was certainly well trained and doing a fantastic job, but it wasn't what I wanted today, that is for sure. Bless her heart and I hope she sells a ton of lingerie to women who are able to appreciate her style.

So, tomorrow I will break my rule of not shopping any more at Sears and head there for my second day of seeking.  At least there I can be guaranteed not to be overwhelmed by ANY level of actual customer service.  I will be able to seek and search and try on and discard and decide all on my own...just the way I like it.  Here's to a smoke free day tomorrow (who am I kidding, right??) so I can get this horrendous job over and done with; so far the only annoying glitch on my summer horizon!

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