Sunday, July 19, 2015

He Is Definitely a Member of Our Family..... his latest travel experiences will attest. haha  Apparently, had he been give the correct baggage handling information, Eli would have arrived on time last night.  The folk at La Guardia assured him that his under the plane luggage would automatically be sent on to Regina, but when he landed in Toronto he discovered that was not the case.  By the time he reached the baggage carousel at Pearson, his luggage had all ready been snapped up by the baggage handlers and he was advised to go and stand in a certain spot with at least a dozen other people in the same position while they awaited the arrival of Air Canada staff.  They waited for nearly an hour and were sending out various members of their party as scouts to see if anyone was coming, when a staffer finally arrived.  They filled out forms for getting their luggage back once they arrived at their destination, but by then their flight was long gone.  In fact, it took so long for this entire process that Eli nearly missed the last flight out of Toronto that Air Canada had rebooked him on so that he wouldn't have to get a hotel there overnight and fly in today.

The biggest frustration though was after he managed to actually board his replacement flight.  The fuel truck drivers at Pearson are in the middle of a dispute with the airport management apparently and refused to fuel the flight in time for take off.  So, not only did he lose the 2 hours he was all ready late by having to miss his original connection, he ended up being another hour and a half late because of the fuelling problems.  By the time he arrived at 1:30am he had been up over 20 hours and was completely exhausted.  As were we......

At least he made it and his luggage should have arrived about a half hour ago on the first morning flight in from Toronto.  We will drive over once he wakes up and pick it up at the airport.....we hope.......  O my....nothing goes smoothly any more for so many air passengers.

It was a most joyous reunion....15 months or more since our last visit in person.  It seems a lot longer than that.  Eli took advantage of the duty free before he left the States and purchased for his father a huge bottle of his favourite whiskey...seventeen US dollars for what would be about sixty CAD.  Even with the exchange on the dollar right now that is still a steal of a deal.  Of course they had to have a wee nip before heading off to bed.  I wish I could drink it as I may have slept in longer if I had some as well.

So, assuming our son wakes up today sometime it is going to be a wonderful visit.  The weather is about perfect for the next few days, not unbearably least not until his final day here if the forecast is remotely accurate....hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

My husband did not make it to church this morning, but was able to contact the United Church minister in time to let him know and to make the necessary adjustments.  I have a feeling our deacon wasn't able to make it to church today either so hope it didn't leave the minister in charge completely in the lurch.  Well, our people are most capable and there will have been someone able to help out I am sure.

Okay son, join the rest of us and wake up so we can get this show on the road...haha.  I suspect the next 5 days are going to fly by far too quickly, but we will pack in as much fun as possible.

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