Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hot Hot Hot!!!!!

We started off our day way too warm when we woke up.  We accidentally left the basement door open overnight and so the kitchen was all ready like an oven before we got into it to make breakfast.  Whew!  That is not a mistake we will make again any time soon!!

My husband left for work an hour early as he had an out of town work trip today and I retreated to a large mall the minute the doors opened, so I could relax in the air conditioning.  I got there quite some time before the stores actually opened and got some good exercise wandering about while I waited.  Spent a couple of happy hours window shopping and trying on clothes just for the fun of it.  A few stores had the remains of their stock from last winter on discount racks and that was so much fun to sort through.  It is really nice to not need any clothes.

Got home just before noon to a message that the finance officer from my husband's office wanted to bring her lunch over and eat it with me here at home.  We had the nicest visit.  Her youngest son is in the process of leaving home for university and she is in the throes of Empty Nest Syndrome.  I feel for her.

My husband was home a few hours early from work after a gruelling day of hauling ancient artifacts out of a decommissioned church that is several hours from here.  He and the Bishop had to unload everything in the boiling sun at the office parking lot. Then my husband walked home in the hottest part of the afternoon.  His clothes were so drenched there were beads of sweat dripping off them and onto the living room carpet when he arrived.  Into the shower went my dear husband, followed by a bit of tv watching before embarking on the final preparation for a course he is teaching tomorrow.

A few minutes ago we received an unexpected email from an old friend of my son's, a young man we have not seen in several years.  When our boys were about sixteen the young fellow and his family moved away from our town and over the following fifteen years or more he got himself into a pile of trouble, nearly destroying his entire family as well as himself.  At present he is working for his father and he found our email address on his dad's work computer.  So, he sent us a long and detailed email of how, in the past year, he and his wife have turned their lives over to Jesus and are reaping all the blessings and benefits of those who are delivered from lives of utter desperation and brought into amazing transformation.  Their marriage and their three children have been saved from hell on earth and they are very involved in church. The drugs and alcohol and raging fights have dissipated and they are living lives that are safe, happy and fulfilling.

It has been many years since I have seen that kind of turn around in the lives of young people.  I know it happens all the time, but it hasn't happened often in recent years to people I actually know.  My husband and I are delighted and we know this young family is getting a ton of support from their extended family and their church family.  If you feel so inclined, please send up a prayer for Matty and his family.

The cold chills I got while reading his email nicely counteracted the boiling heat of my office and I feel better than I have felt in a couple of days.  

Another good day today and the heat is somewhat less intense since we got the fans set up properly this afternoon.  It appears we will see a bit of a cooling trend for the first few days our son is here and we are looking forward to that...the visit and the cooler weather.

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