Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's Official: I've Lost My Mind!

After a good morning of shopping for healthy foods at the grocery store, I came home all primed to lock into an afternoon of ironing as per my schedule today.

I should be setting up the ironing board at this very moment, but what am I doing instead?  I am writing this short blog entry to fill the next 10 minutes of time before I leave to go shopping again....for a bathing suit!  A BATHING SUIT FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!

It has been 27 years since I last purchased and wore a bathing suit.  It has been 26 years since I have been in any sort of water for anything other than a shower or bath...except for my son's baptism in a BC lake where I had to jump in fully clothed because I no longer owned a bathing suit.

O my....why did I let my friend talk me into this, just half an hour ago??  She is so persuasive...she has a pool in her back yard and is looking for a friend who is free during the day a couple of times a week to come over and visit in the pool.  She picked me.  I fell for it.  Eek!!

The good thing is that at my age, NO ONE looks that great in a swim suit anyway, AND no one pays any attention.  I am just one more elderly, slightly tubby lady floudering about in the water.  

So, off to the swimsuit specialty other words I am going to pay the small fortune I do not have for a suit I will only wear in the privacy of my friend's back yard...occasionally....only in the summer.

I am completely nuts....COMPLETELY!


Penny said...

think shorts and a t-shirt.....I am starting to lean that way as I hate shopping for bathing suits!!

Susan said...

I have never tried that, but if I hadn't found a suit today that is exactly what I would have done....a tee shirt and a tankini bottom. O there was one cute one in the store today with a very cute little skirt over the bottoms but the tops they were trying to pair with them didn't work. My new one piece is quite good enough and in white and brown pattern that is unobtrusive. I am happy.