Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ludicrous Speed's Got Nuthin' On Us!!

And so it continues today: we woke up to a power outage that lasted a couple of hours...just long enough for my husband to have to run about getting our car repaired and the rest of the camp food packing done without his proper breakfast and without tea or other hot drinks.

Just about the time he had to leave for the car dealership to see about getting an original key cut the power came back on, but he didn't have time to make tea so off he went.  A half hour later he was back to let me know that, other than finding the serial number/code for the key cutting, there was nothing else they could do for him and he would have to call a locksmith...only one of which is on call on a Saturday.  However, Dell did manage to locate the fellow and he agreed to get out of bed, check his supply of key blanks for the correct kind for our car (which, thankfully, he did have as it turned out) and then come over to make sure it really was a key problem and not the entire ignition system.  Nice that he has a mobile business and and came to us, instead of us having to risk the ignition giving out by having to get the car to him!

While he was waiting for the key cutter to arrive, my husband began loading the camp groceries, transferring them out of our car and into the back of the truck....just as a dark cloud suddenly appeared and rain began to pour down.  Sigh.  My poor beleagured husband hauled everything back out of the truck bed at the speed of light and managed to get it all rearranged somehow to fit inside the cab of the truck.  Where he will put his own personal gear, plus the rest of the perishable groceries yet to be picked up from the refrigerators and freezers over at his office, I have no idea...and unfortunately neither does he.  We assumed the earlier cloudburst would be the end of all the moisture, but just now the sky opened up again, the lightning and thunder began and it appears it won't let up for several hours.  I do pray he will get a slight break in the downpour when he loads up and rearranges the food from the office as there is no cover there either to put the truck or himself under.

By 11am, when the key cutter was done his job, the keys and ignition duly tested and an "extra" service rendered in the lubricating of our trunk lock that we haven't been able to open with the keys for nearly a year, my husband was ravenous. I was glad I had awakened  at 6am this morning for my breakfast and was able to join him for the early lunch meal.

We rejoiced that the entire cost of the keys and lube and ignition check up, on a weekend call out, was only one hundred dollars....whew....we were prepared to lose it if it turned out the keys weren't the problem, but how wonderful that they seem to have been and we got off so inexpensively....this time at least.

My husband should be outside right now in the rain attempting to load up his gear and personal effects but he is taking a wiser course.  He is sound asleep in the basement, laying on a pile of soft foamy mattresses and hugging his camping pillow. haha

I hope and pray the rain passes by the time he wakes up and realizes he is going to have to hustle to get his preparation and packing completed and still get to camp before dark tonight. I am just grateful he will be the first staff to arrive and have a night to himself to unload the food and then get some sleep before the wee campers arrive in the afternoon.

What a day...but, once again and as usual, in the end it is all working out okay.

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