Friday, July 10, 2015

Nothing LIke Waiting Until the Last Minute

So after all the ironing this morning I had a surge of energy and by supper time had cleaned the entire place from top to bottom...DONE!  I was encouraged when I received an email from my husband that he  made it back safely to camp after the canoe trip, weary but happy.  Just knowing he was safe spurred my energy and the place got a decent cleaning. Since the hoses outside here on the lawns were left on both front and back for the entire afternoon, I couldn't leave my home without getting soaked anyway, so it was the perfect time to work hard.
Now I am exhausted, but it sure feels good to have cleanliness and order restored in my living space.  Tomorrow I can sleep in if I want to and enjoy the neatness and lack of dirt for a few hours before my husband drags his filthy camp gear through the place tomorrow night and no one will never know it was cleaned so well today! haha I know the drill.....

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