Friday, July 17, 2015

On My Own, YAY!

So much cooler today....hallelujah!  I feel like I have had a bit of a reprieve before the next heat wave hits us.  The day was overcast and we got just a bit of rain in the late afternoon....doesn't rain smell amazing?  I love the earthy smell after a light rain that lingers in the air afterward.  There is something so cheering to me about that smell.  O how I love rain.

One more sleep until The Son arrives...actually he arrives about the time I am going to want to be going to sleep again.  My husband is going to be a wreck at church the next morning after such a late night pick up at the airport.  I will have The Son's snack all ready for him so he can eat as soon as we get him back here and not waste time creating something edible when I will be so tired.  

Today I got a major burst of energy in the coolness of the day, so I did all the cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping along with paying a late arriving utility bill and heading out to the thrift store with some donations.  It was a bit much and I am tired now that dinner is over.  BUT I need to do the ironing so that I can stay on my feet for an hour or two and keep that blood sugar in line.  I think I will sleep well tonight despite my excitement over seeing my son for the first time in over a year.

I did a lot today, BUT what I am the most proud of is that I overcame some of my technological challenges this afternoon and actually downloaded an update to a computer programme all by myself!!  hahaha  My husband always does those things for me because usually I am in a hurry to get whatever it is updated and want to use it immediately.  Also, because the updates for this particular programme don't happen very often, I can't seem to remember the steps to make it happen.  I can't find where I have stored things and even if I make it to the right place I can never find quite the right file, or push just the right instructive key or understand the instructions should I actually stumble across them in my frustrated key pushing.  Today I decided it is time to start becoming more independent and do some of these things that are so simple IF you know what to do. And now I DO know!  I am proud of me.  The downloads and updates were installed just fine despite a few of my blunders along the way.  Yay me!

It has been a busy, good day and now I must get on my feet and get the ironing on the go.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  

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