Friday, July 31, 2015

Oopsy, My Bad!

Do you ever wonder, as I sometimes do, if the good Lord got distracted when he was handing out brains and missed giving you a few of the ones that should have been yours?  I certainly have wondered that about myself....more than a few times.

Last night as I was trying to explain to my husband the location of the hotel I booked for us in Calgary for next week, I realized I made a ghastly mistake in our booking.  The hotel I thought I booked near the Olympic Park was actually a complete dump up in Motel Village.  How I missed that fact, how I missed the online reviews that included words like "dreadful", "travesty", "disgusting", "blight"  and "eeeewwww", I have no idea.  Sigh....but miss them I did.

That the low price distracted me from reality is the only reason I can come up with.  The only lower price was at the Motel Village Super 8...a place we once stayed in not so many years ago and spent the next month expecting to find ourselves the subjects of some kind of police investigation as we witnessed so many drug deals ETC. going down over night in the pot holey parking lot, as we peered, frightened, out of our grubby window from a filthy and not at all sound proof room. *

*(Hint for travellers: if you are planning to stay in a Calgary hotel and find anything at all under $110 per night, FLEE, FLEE, FLEE to the safety and cleanliness of another, much pricier accommodation!!  We have found over the years that in Calgary you get what you pay for...or even less.)

I decided this wouldn't do.  For one night we could suck it up and live with the consequences, but for two nights with a possible afternoon nap each day...naaaaahhh....not going to happen according to my husband.  

Since there was time to cancel the reservation I got on the phone and I THINK I accomplished it.  A very dear woman of oriental ethnicity and first language answered the phone at the hotel and tried to assist me.  Between her struggles with the English language, my faulty hearing and the phone cutting in and out, I can only HOPE she actually cancelled the reservation...well, she DID cancel A reservation, but was it MY reservation???  This afternoon, once the busy check out time is over, I am going to call back to the hotel and make sure. Sigh....  

So now we are biting the bullet financially to stay in a very nice room at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino.  Our total cost has gone up about a hundred dollars, BUT the safety, comfort and cleanliness quotients have also risen proportionately!  I am trying to look at it that since we are staying there on week nights we are actually saving the hundred and twenty dollars more per night that we would have to pay if we stayed on a weekend.  That is a good way to look at it, right????  Just nod, smile and placate me, okay?

My husband is happy because the hotel is so close to my parents' home, the rooms really are quite lovely and the included breakfast is very nice indeed.  He can usually sneak a snack out of the breakfast buffet for later on and some days that is all it takes to make him happy. I wish I was so easily satisfied with life.  

Okay, off and running for the rest of the day.  Those of you who pray, please send up a quick word for my husband who faces a very difficult meeting this evening after a very busy and tiring week.  Thank you!!

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