Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pop Bang Flash Sizzle Sparkle Twizzle Whiz

Yup, our Canada Day ended with an impressive firework display in the park across the road.  All we had to do to see and enjoy it was to haul our tatami mat, pillow and blanket out to the lawns outside our front door and join the rest of the neighbours for the annual July 1 light display.  My husband and I love fireworks!!

Cuteness personified: one of the seemingly hundreds of Philippino children who live next door to us was particularly delighted by the first few flashes of sparkling red and green in the sky.  "Meeeewwwy Kwistmas!!" he hollered exuberantly.  My husband and I were bent over double with laughter. haha  In the fireworks display we finally heard something louder than all those kids next door!  

The perfect end to a perfect day...... 

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