Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rain on the Plain

Wow....today we experienced the full force of the storm system of the past 48 hours...well the full force sans an actual tornado like Manitoba experienced yesterday.

We had to make a 5 hour round trip west and south of here, to Hodgeville, in order to deconsecrate the old church there.  Although it was a sad time for the people there, saying goodbye to an old building that had so many memories of their family worship times over the past few decades, we also had the joy of meeting these welcoming, friendly, happy folk and sharing this very personal time with them.  I am glad we had the opportunity to connect with their community.

What was less wonderful was making the entire trip in a storm with teeming, pounding rain and winds gusting between 60 and 80km per hour.  Yikes!  We drove into the worst of it only 50km from here and remained in that kind of rain and wind until we were 20km from being home again.  It was horrendous. 

My husband's eyes were done in by the time we got back and his arms were exhausted from gripping the steering wheel to keep the truck on the road.  Twice we attempted to stop so he could rest his eyes, but the wind was so strong the truck was rocking dangerously both times, so we quickly gave up on the idea and continued to drive.

I felt so badly that he had to do all the driving himself.  We were driving a borrowed 3/4 ton truck so that we could bring back some of the old furnishings from the church that belong to the diocese and I am not insured to drive it.  My husband also didn't want me to have to struggle to keep the truck stable on the highway.  So, he bravely did all the driving.  It was a crazy jaunt and we were both still buzzing a couple of hours after getting home again.  He had to drop me off and head to a meeting at the office, I came home to a series of phone calls that were stress inducing to say the least, so by the time I went over to the office with our car and we returned the truck to its owner we were both physically vibrating!  We had to force ourselves to relax for the evening here at home.

We are both most grateful to have survived the trip with few problems, grateful to have met the lovely people from Hodgeville and also grateful to discover that after all the flooding in our basement yesterday and my husband's frustrating attempts to set up a wicking system with some fabric wrapped nails stuck into the leaking walls to direct more of the water into a pail below, there was very little water on the floor when we arrived home this afternoon. YIPPEE!

Today was a day when there have been many things to be grateful for, including safe travel.  On the way home we saw several cars blown over into the ditches alongside the highway, a few that had gone off the road and were stuck in mud patches at the edges of the fields, and one semi rig hauling 2 long trailer boxes that had jacknifed into the median and rolled one of the trailers completely onto its roof.  Why we didn't join them I will never know, but wow, I am completely grateful.

The storm is to pass overnight and we are supposedly going to be drying out with some good mid 20's temperatures for the rest of the week.  Hope that is true.

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