Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rethinking the Work Schedule

It has been a good morning of making email connections with friends who want us to stop in for an hour's visit on our way to the old workshop.  Other emails requiring immediate answering have come in this morning, I spent a long time searching for my husband's missing reading glasses, (they were found, hallelujah!), and generally losing a lot of time out of my own schedule for the day.

I was starting to fret when I had a sudden revelation while washing the floors.  Other than cleaning the bathroom, why on earth am I planning to vacuum the carpets and dust the furniture and blinds today?  I have been watching the cement dust and blowing dirt, from the city street repair project outside, sifting slowly in through the closed windows that don't seal properly at the best of times.  I have been realizing that since we will only be home for a day and a half in the next 2 weeks and that the dust and grime will continue to infiltrate the place in our absence, why on earth was I planning to nearly make myself ill trying to fit a complete house clean into an all ready overburdened day?  The other factor is that I just found out Sasktel will be coming into the complex tomorrow and digging up half the back yard to begin the install for fibre optics in our neighbourhood.  There will be dirt, dried goose poop and old grass flying everywhere around here.

So, the bathroom will get a good scrubbing down this afternoon and the lino floors have been washed, but that is all I am going to do.  When we are hauling suitcases out and back in and back out and back in again over the next couple of weeks, we will be dragging grass and dirt into the house on the bottom of our shoes and what could be more discouraging than to come back when we are all done travelling about, only to find the things I cleaned before we left are all dirty and needing to be done right away again anyway?? 

My day just became even sunnier and happier and I dare say, somewhat more relaxed!  YAY!!!  Now I can concentrate on what clothes to pack for the journey: way more fun than cleaning house! hohohohoho

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