Friday, July 31, 2015

Something Must Be Wrong, Because.....

....I couldn't possibly REALLY be all packed up and ready to go a whole 4 hours in advance...that never happens. My husband is also packed up and ready to toss everything into the car when he gets home.  Cue theme music from "Jaws"!! Something very different is happening this holiday time!

Wow, I have a whole hour free now to make lunch for my visiting friend, time to wash the dishes afterward without being in a total panic...what the heck...????  

This is quite a delightful feeling.  Sure do hope this could become the norm for our travelling at any time of the year.  Perhaps it is because no clergy gear of any weight or significance has to go this time, no special folders or boxes of papers.  Other than a cell phone, lap top and clipboard for my husband's meeting this evening before our holidays become official, there is no special equipment nor clothing required for this trip, beyond a 5 inch long clergy collar insert.

This is is SO not like us. For once we are taking our holiday time as job interviews to go to like there have been in other years, nothing to do but attend a wedding where my husband's only responsibility in the ceremony is to give a prayer of blessing to the young couple.  Everything else that we are doing requires only the clothes on our backs.  Yikes....we don't even have to drag any bedding along this time. Once the giant wedding gift bag is out of the car trunk there will even be extra space in there.  My husband doesn't have to spend time doing his packing mania frenzy before we go.

I like this!  I like it a lot!!   

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