Friday, July 3, 2015

Straightening Out the Phone Bill

Finally found out what was going on with our triple sized phone and internet bill received recently.  I went down to the main office to get things sorted out and the SaskTel people I dealt with were first rate.  Figuring out what was going on required 2 "in person" staffers and one on the other end of the phone line, but we finally discovered what was going on.

One of the errors was a combination of my own and one of their staffers at the time I returned a basic service cable box that is supposed to stay in our suite for the next tenant and that was easily fixed once we figured out who had misunderstood who.  An installer came and replaced that box and I was given a rebate on the 2 months I paid for its presence in my home when it actually wasn't here at all.  

The other problem of all those extra charges turned out to not be problem at mistakes, we really do owe all that money and will continue to owe it every month from now on.  My dear, wonderful, husband who set up our account neglected to let me know that we were receiving a HUGE promotional discount for the first 3 months of service. Once that 3 month discount period is over, as it was at the time of our most recent billing, we will be assuming those costs each month.  I felt pretty stupid challenging charges that are on our bill simply because a promotional period has ended, BUT at least now I know the sad truth: my phone bill is going to be exactly triple what it has been to date.

The good part is that it answers our question as to whether or not we could financially manage to squeak through each month if we had a second vehicle and no, we definitely cannot.  That is how close to the line we are walking, but it was most tempting for us to want to have another car. It would relieve a certain amount of stress that happens when 2 people are sharing a vehicle and my husband had even figured out a solution to us having only one parking space and winter plug in.  However, I am very glad to have such a clear cut answer about being able to afford it or not.  Now with the larger phone and internet bill there is no doubt, no temptation to get another vehicle and try to slide by.  Whew!!  For me it is easier to keep doing what we need to do to share the car, even though sometimes it is inconvenient and some disappointments occur, than to have a second car, then realize we can't afford it and be forced to get rid of it again.  

All things do indeed work together for good.........

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