Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunny Day Sunny Spirit

Waking up to the sunshine again this morning makes me feel cheery despite all the work I have to do over the next day and a half to get ready for a short trip away.  There was a slight rain overnight that left no moisture in our basement, but I have wicked the cracks in the walls and retowelled the floor in case there is an unpredicted downpour in our absence over the next few days.  According to the local Water Authority, the storms this week were a once in one hundred years event and I sure hope they are correct!  A hundred years from now I will be long dead and won't need to worry about a leaking basement!!

I need to get myself showered and dressed, the laundry washed, dried and ironed, my overnight bag packed, the lunch fixings purchased for my guest tomorrow and my husband's personal gear organized to be packed up tonight since he has to work in the morning at the office before we leave in the afternoon.

Yesterday was a flurry of online activity booking hotels at the last minute for tomorrow night, for next week when we visit my parents, plus trying to imagine what we are going to need for accommodation the following weekend after the ordination we are attending.

Considering we are not going anywhere remotely exciting, or (if I am being totally honest) very interesting, for our so called "summer vacation" this year, we are certainly going to be covering a goodly number of kilometers and spending a small fortune on accommodation. is incredibly depressing from a financial point of view!  Glad the sunshine is keeping me cheery today.  My hope is that along the way we will discover some hidden treasures...sights or sites we have never heard of before that are beautiful, or even fascinating.  Saskatchewan is really rather blessed with such places, but you have to take the time to snoop around on some side roads and go to remote areas to find them.  Here's hoping.....

Having only such a short visit with our son and not having the best feeling about our visit with my parents this summer due to the legal issues we have to deal with there have both left me feeling a tad "pessy" and stressed, so I think that has effected my ability to be more positive about the holiday time.  Not knowing yet where my husband and his annual canoeing/hiking buddies are going 3 weeks from now, or even IF they are going at all is not helping me relax.  Things are very up in the air this year for them all, so I am finding it impossible to make any plans for myself for that week.  Beside not knowing if I will have my own transportation for the week, I also have my quartely lab work here in Regina right smack in the middle of it and that is not something I have the liberty of changing dates for.  

Anyway, blah, blah, blah...all about me and how I feel.  I find that writing it all out helps me organize my own thoughts and emotions, so sorry about that, but I need the assistance at the moment.

In the meantime, I need to get going about my day and get going rather quickly.  The sun gives me energy and motivation...and so does the fact that I am leaving on the first leg of holidays a day sooner than I had planned on!

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