Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thai Dinner

Bless my husband for deciding it was too hot for me to cook dinner tonight.....out for Thai food for the first time in a long time.

I admit that Thai is not my favourite cuisine...rice noodles are not something I enjoy, sweet/sour dipping sauces with rice vinegar and peanuts do not appeal to me and the amount of carbohydrates makes a lot of Thai restaurant food a nightmare fora diabetic.

However, tonight's fare at Viet-Thai Restaurant was quite good and the portions were HUGE for the price.  We ended up sharing some rice wraps stuffed with salad, rice vermicelli and chicken, 2 crunchy spring rolls stuffed with pork and veggies, far too much rice and vermicelli noodles that we brought home, rolled pork, sliced spicy beef and grilled chicken, grated carrots and lettuce and the usual sweet and sour sauce with grated carrot bits in it.  There was nothing unusual about the food or the variety.  All of those things seem to be the norm in any Thai restaurant, along with the 3 usual curries: yellow, red and green.  We didn't have any curry tonight, maybe next time.

I was exceedingly careful to monitor my carb intake, hence the entire take out box filled with rice vermicelli now cooling in my refrigerator for my husband's lunch tomorrow, however I indulged in the protein...leaving only the smallest bits of beef and pork for the take out box.  I'm sure it was sodium filled beyond all belief, but so be it.  The pork was the only thing on my plate that was remotely fatty.  Everything was tasty and each individual flavour stood out nicely.  I am not certain I am as hyped about the quality as the newpaper reviewer whose review we read was, but it was filling and tasty.

I could wait a couple of years now to have Thai food again, but it was nice for a change of pace from the Indian cuisine we have been stuffing ourselves with of late.  Our son will likely enjoy some Thai food while he is here next week, so glad we found a decent place for it. Another good thing is that my sugars only went up about one point after dinner, even without extra exercise after my meal!  Perhaps I need to make a more concerted effort to enjoy that particular style of oriental cooking.

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