Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Crazy Lady is Very Happy

I am not sorry now that I went bathing suit shopping....after 27 years I was able to find a suit that fits and even looks decent on me.  Wow, what a huge surprise.  My friend and I were done our shopping in record time. She needed a new suit as well but of course is much thinner than myself so she had even more choice than I did.  I was delighted to fit well into a medium size that keeps me in place all over!! haha

I am happy that she introduced me to the little Marshall's outlet.  What a nice store.  Reasonable prices, decent quality products.  I will definitely start searching there the next time I need clothing or something interesting for my home.  It is smaller, less crowded and quite a bit classier for decor than the huge Winners stores are/were.

After our fast shopping trip we headed over to my friend's house and spent a delightful couple of hours lazing in and around her back yard pool.  What fun!  A break from the water for a drink and some snacks and it all translated into a perfect afternoon in the +34C temperatures.

And I was worried that I should stay home and iron clergy gear instead??  Now that really IS crazy!  Maybe I have a vestige of sanity left after all, haha.

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