Monday, July 6, 2015

The Day Started Off So Well.......

....and began rapidly disintegrating before lunch time arrived.  Sigh....

I had a great sleep last night. The traffic noise seemed to be less than usual and it was cooler to the point where I didn't need the fan running all night. The smoke from the forest fires dissipated for a few hours.  Ooh, it was lovely.

I woke up to an email from the financial officer at my husband's office inviting me to mid morning tea break and that was great fun. We had a nice visit, enjoying the sun and the slight breeze outside, talking about how I coped with the "empty nest" syndrome she is about to experience as her youngest son leaves for university.

From there I headed over to the bank to get some cash from the ATM and that is when my first inklings began that the rest of the day might not have quite the same "Pollyanna" quality as the first part of the morning.  I needed a print out of our last few weeks of transactions and according to the ATM screen that is what it was giving me, however the paper came out with not a thing printed on it.  Trying to get the attention of any bank staff as they sorted out who was going for lunch next was a complete waste of time, so I decided I will try to sort out my bank book on another occasion.  I headed into the mall near the bank to pick up a couple of items, particularly a baby gift for a young friend in the States, only to make two unhappy discoveries: there is nowhere to purchase anything for babies in the entire mall, other than formula in the grocery store, and my good old shoes were, for some reason, pinching my toes in a painful fashion.

Cursing my shoes but determined to get that baby gift that should have been in the mail all ready last Friday, I drove a couple of kilometers to the next set of box stores, only to discover that WallyWorld was the only place in the entire complex I could purchase baby clothes.  Rats!  How disappointing!  My friend has a WallyWorld in her very town and I was hoping to send something she couldn't find at home, something distinctly Canadian.  However, my one shoe was pinching so badly that I could see blood appearing on one toe.  Whaaaa??  I quickly found an outfit, at WallyWorld, for the new baby and hobbled back to the car.  Once there I was able to dispatch a bit of sand from my shoe and my toes stopped hurting and bleeding. 

As I was driving home, disappointed in myself for not taking more time to go elsewhere in the city to shop for more interesting and creative looking baby clothes, I realized I was losing focus on my driving.  For only the second time in the last 18 months I was experiencing a plunge in my blood sugar.  I needed to pull over immediately and suck on a couple of candies to bring it back up, but I was driving on the closest thing to a freeway this little city has and there was not anywhere to stop, so I had to head for home quickly.  At a juncture where another road merges at a sharp angle into the road I was on, I got the traffic lights momentarily confused and thought the lights for the merge lane were for me.  Although I rarely drive on this particular stretch of road, I do know the difference in whose lights are whose and should not have been confused.  Fortunately for me, as I merrily drove right through the red light I should have stopped at, no one from the merge lane was attempting to turn left in front of me.  When I realized what I had just done I started to shake badly from stress, low blood sugar and the knowledge that I will likely be getting a photoradar ticket for over two hundred dollars in the mail next week.  At that point I realized I was only 4 blocks from home and I made it there without further mishap, peeled into the house and tossed down a quick slice of bread and peanut butter to hold me while I made lunch.  If I ever experience a drop in blood sugar like that again with nowhere to pull of the road, I will pull  up on the grass or right into the median or anywhere available that I can put on my flashers and sit there for 10 minutes with a candy in my mouth.  I could have killed someone.

An hour later I realized I am going to need my cell phone, that I rarely use, for some communications in another day or two.  This phone that I rarely use...well...I don't remember when I last had it out of my purse but it was on when I pulled it out today to check the charge.  In other words it is in bad need of charging.  Now, the last time I used the charger was a few weeks ago and I remember that after using it I decided to start keeping it in a different place where it would be handier to where I plug it in.  I looked where I thought I had put it.  It wasn't there.  I looked in the place where I used to keep it. It wasn't there either.  Over the next hour I pulled every room in the house apart trying to find it.  I still haven't found it.  What I DO remember is my husband asking me, all those weeks ago, if I would be able to remember its new storage place and I assured him that I would.  Not so much as it turns out....he called me from camp tonight and so I asked him where I had put it and he can't remember either.  Ooooh, we are a sorry pair for memory any more............sigh......

So, not sure what to do about that problem.  I do know what to do about the raw spot on my toe from the sand in my shoes and that is about all I feel confident about this evening.

Tomorrow will be better, right?
Of course right!

I have the baby gift wrapped and addressed, I did remember to purchase a card for my parents' anniversary and tomorrow I don't have to drive anywhere to get these items to a postal outlet.  Hallelujah! Tomorrow is all ready looking better than today.

Now, if I can just find that darned phone charger......

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