Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Joy Continues

The heat today was made more bearable by my son's continued presence in our home.  For the past few years I just seem to be the most relaxed and have the best sleeps and the best attitude toward the world when the 3 of us are together.  When our son comes to visit it is like the completion of a circle.

My husband had to work today so The Boy and I went for a long walk around the lake, walking sometimes on the paths and sometimes through the long grass and the trees.  We had a good long look at the First Nations bead work from the nineteeth and early twentieth centuries over at the museum.  We went out for a delicious lunch and then enjoyed an alternate route back through the park on our way home.

After a bit of a rest late in the afternoon after cooling refreshments at home, my husband arrived from work and we drove to a favourite restaurant to meet friends from out of town.  This couple is nearly our age, but so gifted in spending time with younger folk like our son.  Their interest in him and in what he is doing with his works of art is so deep and so sincere that he is always able to open up and share his heart with them.  They purchased a catalogue from his last art show. They asked intelligent questions about his life.  Their family truly is responsible for removing a chip he had on his shoulder against prairie people, one he had for a couple of decades.  We are so grateful to them for utilizing their gifts with young people in his direction.

A good shower of rain around dinner time cooled everything down for the evening and I think we will all sleep well tonight.  My husband has the daytime hours off work tomorrow so I am hoping he can sleep in.  Only one day at the office this week and he came home dragging his tailfeathers with exhaustion after it was over.  He is SO ready for holidays!  Unfortunately he has a dinner/evening meeting tomorrow with one of the many committees he is automatically on by virtue of his present position at work.

So, he and our son will head off to another second hand book store tomorrow for some "guy time" and I will clean up all the dishes and mess from having had our friends back here for dessert after dinner.  It is rare I leave dishes soaking overnight in the sink, but I am tired tonight from the heat.  It will give me something to do in the morning once the men have gone out for their day together.

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