Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Restoration Of Pollyanna Days

Today beat yesterday by a long shot! Thank goodness...although I still can't find my cell phone charger.

Slept in this morning after a fairly decent sleep due to a distinct lessening of the forest fire smoke throughout the night.  Yay!  Got the baby clothes ready for posting, along with a couple of other bits and pieces of mail and had a really nice walk to the post office outlet.  There are so many trees here lining the streets in our area.  I find walking beneath the big trees cathartic, so healing emotionally and spiritually, making me feel more connected to Creator God.

Kept my meals on track all day and my blood sugar tests were all excellent! Again, the lack of smoke today, at least comparatively speaking, kept my system from overreacting and jacking up my sugars.  Since I haven't had my usual respiratory reactions to the smoke yet, it has been those blood tests where the physical reaction hs occasionally shown up.

Got all the laundry done this afteroon and, o my, I have not had this much ironing to do in a long time.  I think my husband must have had nearly every clergy shirt he owns in the laundry basket today.  Wow........  Since he started having to wear them most days for work at the office and not mostly just on Sundays the laundry load has increased each week since we moved here.

Had a nice chat with a friend in Ontario.

In the process of growing desperation to locate my cell phone charger I cleaned out every drawer and cabinet in my office and got rid of a bunch of paperwork I don't need.  The drawers in the desks and the shelves in the big cabinet are all organized properly, the way they should have been a couple of months ago all ready.  A large box of "I don't know what to do with these in this smaller space" items that were on my bedroom closet shelf were taken out and either distributed around the house or bagged for the thrift store. The box is just the right size for a gift to take to the wedding we are going to in August and I even got that all packed up and wrapped. 

So, finally had a day where I had the energy to accomplish a fair amount of things around here.  Putting the towels away in the bathroom cupboard, an intense and time consuming task at the best of times, can wait until the morning.  I did my dinner dishes at 11pm and decided that would be sufficient work for today.

Tomorrow I am meeting one of our visiting pianists from our former parish who is down this way.  We are going to have lunch and a good chat.  It will be a lot of fun. She is the most incredible woman: in her early 80's and just a ton of fun. She will make the 8 hour round trip all in the same day, for appointments down this way and lunch with me.  I am so looking forward to it.  I pray for a safe trip for her; that she will not exhaust herself completely, because she has to be home in time to go and play music at the seniors' manor in her town in the early evening.  I don't have half her energy even though I am 20 years younger.  Whew...she exhausts me just telling me what she does every day. haha

And so to bed to read the last chapter of my Mo Yan novel.  I am sorry to have it coming to an end and hope the new Jodi Picoult book I will read next is even half as interesting...."Lone Wolf".  I hope the story line isn't completely far fetched.

I am having a grand time watching The Rangeland Derby from Calgary each evening during Stampede.  I grew up watching the chuckwagon races from the grandstand with my parents every year and really miss the noise of the crowd and the ground shaking of the thundering hooves that don't come across on a tv broadcast.  Go Jason......

The smoke returned with a vengeance after dinner tonight. Great swirls of it were drifting down the street outside and were so thick it was difficult to see the building on the other side. The smell was so vile it was nauseating.  I am having my first bit of throat and gland reaction and hope it isn't signalling that my system can't take it any more, because there will be many more days of this coming, I am certain.  Other than that small concern, today has been a real treat after yesterday....now, if I could PLEASE PLEASE find my cell phone charger...PLEASE!

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