Monday, July 27, 2015

The Son is Safely Home and the Rain Hath Descended Here

Apparently, after yet another flight fiasco that involved our son being given the incorrect flight time from Calgary, he is safely at home in his own Vancouver bachelor suite....I call it a "onesie"!!  If you are familiar with the old houses close to downtown Vancouver and the way they have been more or less, (mostly less), turned into scandalously overpriced bachelor suites, you will understand that moniker.  Sigh....

At least he is home.  He was met by his best friend at the airport, she took him out for a vegetarian Thai stir fry and then dropped him off at home.  He was delighted by the condition he found his suite in after the subletter moved out, so that is always a bonus.  Now, if none of his mail has been stolen in the past 2 weeks all will be well.  I am hoping his area will soon be blessed with community mail boxes so that worry will be one less for him.

We mailed off his inks and art supplies yesterday at the bus depot.  Hopefully the box will be there by tomorrow.  It only cost us five dollars more to send it by bus than it would have cost him to put it under the plane from Regina to Calgary and it saved him another slug of money he would have had to pay to get it from Calgary to Vancouver.  Love being able to do those little but very helpful things for him occasionally.

Sometime overnight it began to rain here.  It has rained and rained and rained some more.  In fact we are under a heavy rainfall warning until tomorrow evening because between fifty and eighty millimeters of moisture is expected.  Wow....I have to admit that despite the inconvenience of so much rain falling while I was driving around the city this morning doing errands, I do still love the rain.  Knowing it is helping the gardeners and farmers is the icing on the cake for me.  There has been a bit of lightning and thunder, but nothing serious yet.  So far it is all good, other than the lake that has formed on the street in front of us.  Our front door is twenty or thirty yards away from it though, with a broad expanse of lawn and trees between us and the water, so I doubt we will be flooded out personally.  My husband took extra measures this morning before work to ensure our basement stays as dry as possible.

Well, time to haul the water bottles I purchased this morning down to the basement shelves.  I also need to plan out what I am going to serve my lunch guest tomorrow.  That is always fun. I so enjoy planning lunches.  

Last night we were out for dinner and had some Trinidadian style food.  Our hostess has lived in Canada for some years now, but has continued to cook her traditional foods as best as she is able with the ingredients available here.  It was fabulous, from the spicy casava chips to the milky peas and rice to the perfectly cooked and spiced chicken to the curried cous cous I am almost too intimidated to have her back here for a meal! haha  

Onward and upward....just hoping we are not going to regret having left our canoe in Alberta by the time the rain stops tomorrow evening! 

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