Saturday, July 11, 2015

Update on Mary and Pete...kind of a shocker

My husband returned this evening from his wonderful week of teen camp/canoeing extravaganza.  Of course the first thing we had to do once we unloaded what seemed like enough gear for an entire family from the truck and hauled it all back into our basement, was contact the family of one of the campers who lives in our city and return her medications and her brother's hat and glasses they had left behind at the camp earlier today. hahaha  Young teens are like that: forgetful and these two were really amped up today after such a great week in the canoes. haha

On his way home my husband stopped to check on Mary and Pete and got quite a surprise:  they are working on a new angle about Mary's illness.  It is possible, QUITE possible, that she doesn't have ALS at all.  It is just as possible that she actually is suffering the devastating long term effects of Lyme disease!!!!  

There are a couple of clues that have come up recently.  Mary had to take some antibiotics for a week and the phlegm in her throat and lungs responded to them and lessened significantly.  ALS doesn't respond to antibiotics.  The other clue is that her eyes are starting to be effected and ALS doesn't effect the eyes that way, but Lyme disease definitely does.  

Unfortunately, here in Canada, doctors are for some reason loathe to seriously consider Lyme disease as a possibility.  They are a few decades behind their American colleagues as far as researching and diagnosing it, in fact seem quite opposed to any consideration apparently that Lyme disease is any sort of culprit in Canada.  Don't know the reasons but it is causing problems for more people I personally know than just Mary.  Her doctor, when asked for 2 more weeks of the antibiotics that the Lyme disease responds well to if administered for a 3 week period, refused point blank to give them to her, to even consider the possibility that Lyme disease is involved in her illness.

We have advised them to flee to the USA as quickly as possible to be tested.  She may not have Lyme disease at all, but too many of her other symptoms that I won't go into here, also correlate to Lyme disease symptoms.  

Please pray she and Pete can come up with the money to make a trek and try to get some answers about these symptoms.  If nothing else, at least it could be ruled out. At best, if it was discovered she does indeed have it, she could get help south of the border.  Please please keep praying. I thank you on their behalf.

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