Saturday, July 4, 2015

Well Ma' If That Don't Beat All!

There are certain attitudes and ideas people have to get used to each time they move to a new town or city or province or country.

I am still getting used to the slap dash approach to repairs and other tradeswork here in this province.  The pride of the self-taught, not formally trained or educated people here in this part of the world, the pride in what they have achieved sans "book larnin'" is sometimes a little out of place when compared to the actual results of their work. hahaha

Most recent case in point: the main street outside our house has been torn up for weeks due to poor drainage every time it rains.  The median in the centre of the road was torn up, the storm drains cleaned and repaired and then new drainage grates installed in the newly poured cement median.  The sidewalks all along the street have also been torn up in order to clean, repair and install new drainage grates. An impressive amount of work has been achieved.

Today the system has been tested by the onset of a couple of teeming downpours of rain lasting several hours each.  The street in front of our house is a river that is on the verge of drowning out the motors of the cars still attempting to drive its length.

So, why is there yet another river in front of our house after all the road, sewer, drainage and sidewalk repair and replacement? Well, it is because the new drainage grates in the brand spanking new median are sitting up a good 5 inches higher than the surface of the road!  Until the water has puddled to more than 5 inches in height, NONE of the rain water is able to go into the sewer.

Yup, here we go again....millions of dollars to set up better drainage along our very long and well used main road and the water can't get to the grates to be drained away.  hahahahahahahaha

Sorry to laugh, but it is so incredibly and sadly predictable.  hahahahahahahaha  I love this province, I truly do.  The behaviour of some of the local folk in each place we have lived seems bizarre, and just enough so to suit me.  Every day is an adventure and for someone like me, who is easily bored, this is the best place on earth to reside. No doubt my own behaviour and ideas are just as confusing to the people here, so we are even at least.

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