Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yay Canada: Keep Up the Great Work at the Pan Am Games!

In around visiting our son, I managed to watch a few of the Pan Am Games events this past couple of weeks.  Wow, I can't believe such an amazing international competition is getting so "stiffed" in some ways by the general public.  The coverage has been excellent in the media, Canada is outdoing itself in the medal count, the events themselves are truly exciting and yet most of the people I talk to have a response of "meh...".  How discouraging for the athletes if they too are finding this type of apathy among the people whose support they need if our country is going to continue to host world class events.  Toronto has put together some wonderful sports venues.  The quality of the international athletes is stellar.  I am enjoying this event even more than the Olympics.  It seems far more centered on the sporting events and less on the accessory hoopla.  Keep up the great work Canada.

So today is laundry day while my husband is at work.  We have a wedding to go to next weekend in our former parish and I want to be prepared well in advance of this bit of holiday time.  Visiting extended family will take up most of our time away this summer, but it is all good visiting.  Just this morning I received an email from friends in the Maritimes who will be in Calgary the same week we will be there, so our visiting has just expanded to include some very dear friends.  I can't wait!!!  It is my high school friend and her minister husband who we reconnected with last summer, so it has been a long year since we saw each other, but really ONLY a year after not being in touch for several decades.

It is probably just as well I have a quiet day here at home today after all the racing about I did with my son over the past week.  Being here on my own is helping me adjust to his absence once again.  We talked about how easily we can still talk and do things together even when we have been apart for so of the joys of parenting that crops up with an adult child.  His interest in us and our rather mundane lifestyle is very touching.

Church feels funny to have missed it last week after the son's flight fiasco.  It seems we have not been there for a long time for some reason.  Tomorrow's service will be my husband's last for a month.  What a treasure to have a congregation so able to do their own services in his absence, a deacon who is so capable.  Each congregation has their own strengths and this one has strengths that allow my husband to also do his Executive Archdeacon role well, without a lot of extra worry about the Sunday service and other events. Tomorrow my husband is hoping his cousin, the United Church minister, will read some of the Scriptures etc. so they can truly work together in the service.

Well, off to change the load of laundry over to the dryer and start on the next batch of clothes.  It is a hot day today and as much as I need exercise I admit I am kind of glad I can get that indoors today, running up and down the stairs to the basement and to my office, instead of having to go out walking in the heat.



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