Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yup, Just as We Suspected....sigh.....

We arrived in plenty of time to meet our son's flight and of course he wasn't on it.  Rats!  Thankfully though there is one more flight coming in 2 hours from now from Toronto that he may be on.  If he isn't and we haven't heard anything I will not know what to do.  He has no active cell phone until he returns to Vancouver to reactivate his and from what we learned from the airline employees at the airport, there would have been no chance for him to locate a telephone or computer at the Toronto airport to get in touch with us.  We asked about the possibility of him being on the next flight, which arrives at about 1:30am.  Of course the counter staff are not allowed to give out passenger information, but she checked his name and told us she would suggest we return at 1:30am, so I do hope that was her way of confirming he is on the flight in a way that wouldn't violate her contract to privacy.

My poor dear husband has to be at church before 9:30am for the service.  While he is grateful that the United minister is preaching, he still is supposed to be there to take other parts of the service.  He will be so tired by the time he gets back here he will lose half his first day with our son because he will need a LONG nap in the much for the 2 of them going to the cheese specialty store to pick up the treats for our daily wine and cheese event.  We always enjoy a late afternoon snack when we are together.  Kind of like a British "Fourses" except that we limit the intake and still have a late dinner.

Well, our visit is all ready off to a start that is typical for our family! hohoho!!

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