Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Most Fond Farewell to Mary

For those of you who have prayed so faithfully for Mary and Pete, we received word last night of Mary's peaceful passing yesterday in the quiet of her own home, just as she had asked and hoped for.  

Mary did not want to be embalmed or made up, but prefered to be buried as she was at the time of death. So, this afternoon her husband interred her body in a plain pinewood casket, at a beautifully forested location that she had requested.  

Mary, we mourn our own loss of your strong, merciful, intense, prayerful presence in our lives as a friend and colleague and we look forward to the day when you welcome us to our own heavenly home. 

Please continue to pray for Pete as he copes with the loss of his dearly beloved spouse after so many months of daily care giving and for their family who are scattered around the world.

We are grateful of course that Mary is now free of the devastating effects of her illness, that she passed in the way she had asked God to grant her and that her larger than life presence will continue to be with us.


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