Sunday, August 23, 2015

An Evening's Exploration

It seems lately that we have had to do a fair amount of our exploration of this city in the sunset of the evening.

Tonight we had to drive out to the nearly farthest north west corner of the city to pick up one of my husband's backpacks, loaned out to another member of July's camp staff.  We had only once before been in the general area, at least 6 months ago and in the dead of winter daytime to view a rental unit.  

Forgetting that it is now getting dark by 8:30pm, we arranged for a pick up just before 9pm.  Fortunately we received stellar instructions on finding the correct street and house, but o my....peering through the twilight at neon painted street signs before it is quite dark enough to reflect the names is an exercise in frustration for us and likely a danger to the drivers around us as we squint and peer and slow down and speed up and scoot over to make turns at the last possible second....o my....

Let's face it, our eyes are as old as the rest of us and our progressive lenses do not always work as well as they should, particularly with the added stress of wondering how angry we are making the drivers behind us!!

I have noticed that with age, even "only" middle age, the lack of confidence in ourselves to trust what we think we are seeing has set in with a vengeance.  Aiiii yiiiii.....and to think as we get older it is only likely to get worse!!

Well, we found the house without incident, picked up the pack, had a short visit with the staffer who was using it and returned home with no problems, but with a lot of gratitude for a safe drive.

The earlier, still sun lit, part of the evening also went well because my husband decided to surprise me with a date night, since we will miss our usual Monday date.  We went to Bombay House again.  I think it is as much my favourite spot as the Caraway Grill...the tables are less jammed together and the food is different but just as delicious.  I ordered the butter chicken  platter, not expecting much food for the grand price of only $15.95.  O wow, was I WRONG or was I WRONG????  It was a huge meal!

I love the Indian style platter dishes, the way each item is completely separate from the others.  On my platter there was enough rice to feed 4 or 5 diabetics, several potato/pea pakoras, lentil curry, 3 small pieces of chicken tandoori, salad and the most spicy and delicious butter chicken I have ever eaten.  (usually I end up having butter chicken at Indian buffets and it is insipid, tasteless stuff...this however was hot and spicy and delicious)  All this was accompanied by a large naan bread!  I didn't overdo the carb intake but still, I definitely ate too much.  I came out of the restaurant feeling like a massive exercise regime was in order and that is what I did as soon as I got home.  Huff......puff.....aaaaahhhh.......a good thing since I ended up sitting on my posterior in the car not that much later for the packpack retrieval expedition.

What a nice evening, from start to finish.  Now my husband is watching a science fiction movie he taped, "Predestination", (seems an apt title for a Christian minister, does it not, teehee), and I am blogging and preparing to start reading my Dickens novel.

Tomorrow will be the last day of packing up before an evening departure for the camping trip and I can review my now busy schedule for the week.  A friend MAY be coming in from Moose Jaw tomorrow sometime and if so it will be fun to see her as well.

Really looking forward to my week and to my husband returning all happy and relaxed after a week with his buddies in the bush.

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