Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Old Fashioned Holiday Kinda Day

FINALLY!  Today has been the kind of day I remember having on vacation with my parents when I was a kid.  We would drive along and stop to see whatever we wanted to see, rarely a time limit as to when we had to reach the ultimate destination of our vacation, certainly not the long distance driving fests, surrounded daily by time deadlines and committments my husband and I have been saddled with most of our married lives.  

Today the 4 of us drove over to the Fort Edmonton Park to gawk around, enjoy a lovely lunch at the old hotel onsite, and have a grand time in air conditioned buildings scattered around the grounds where we could escape the +36C temperatures when we started getting too hot.

The grounds there are beautiful with so many trees to give shade.  We enjoyed the short steam train ride around the grounds.  One thing I particularly enjoyed was the well written history of each of the historic buildings set out in 3 long streets.  One street is dedicated to the year 1885, one to 1905 and one to 1950, with as many authentic artifacts as possible filling each former business and residence.  The history of each building told us that every building in the park was originally located somewhere here in Edmonton and included the names and history of the original owners.   The buildings and artifacts there are not just in the park because they fit the era represented, but are all actually from Edmonton.  The whole park gives a rich history of this city.

I had so much fun it was difficult to come back to the house, despite its wonderful air conditioning system.  Had I been there on my own I would have waited another 45 minutes to take advantage of the chance to ride on the old wooden merry-go-round, but the rest of the group was tired out and needed to come home. They are all asleep so we can be rested up and ready to go out to a very nice place for dinner tonight.  Hopefully my blood sugar will have recovered from having creme brulet during my lunch meal today...I CANNOT turn down creme brulet, but perhaps I would have found the strength to do so today had I known the huge size of the portion!  Glad I spent the next 2 hours on my feet as that would have helped my sugar a lot! haha

Hey, side note, if you ever happen to be in the Lloydminster area and have diabetes, head on over to a nondescript little diner type restaurant called Maggie Mae's and order a steak sandwich from the seniors' menu!  They specialize in steaks there and wow...not only was my little steak a perfect medium rare, the portion sizes on the mashed potatoes and the fresh green peas were perfect for a diabetic.  When we walked into the place I didn't hold out much hope for much of a meal, I have to be honest, as the decor is pretty discouraging for anything but a quick lunch. So glad we stayed for the dinner meal.  Order the steak rather than the chicken dishes and enjoy.  I was impressed that the peas were not cooked to mush and tasted garden fresh.

Had the nicest visits with my cousin and my auntie in Lloydminster.  I haven't had a lot of chance to get to know my family there over the years, but am trying to make up for lost time with at least a few of them.  It was really fun to get caught up on each others' news.

Tomorrow we hope to get to some gardens in the area and we hope as well for slightly cooler temperatures! 

PS: if you suffer from heat stroke easily, find either your nearest Lee Valley Tool outlet or find them on line and order the gel filled bandanas you can soak in water for 45 minutes and then tie around your neck for hours and hours of coolness.  They are what kept us all going today in the heat:  no dizziness, no nausea, no exhaustion.  My husband's sister purchased them for all of us and what a wonderful gift!

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