Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Fab Vacation Day

Although we got a much later start to our day of fun than we did yesterday, we still got out to the Muttart Conservatory while the morning sky was still overcast, keeping the heat at bay.  My only comment on the lunch we ate at the tiny restaurant there is that while it was simply delicious, for the price paid for my roast chicken salad even a small slice of garlic toast would have been more than welcome and appropriate.

What is worth the price of admission is the conservatory itself.  It is a series of pyramid shaped buildings housing four different bionomes worth of plants: arid, temperate, tropical and their special feature of the summer, a tribute to Lord of the Rings with an array of Australian and North American plants of all sorts.  I am a sucker for cacti and for a display rather small in comparison to larger conservatories in larger cities, it was quite marvellous to see the variety.  I so enjoyed the beautiful colours of the shrimp plants and the dainty flowers of the lady's slipper orchids.  The displays of grass plants in all their variety, the elephant trees with such bulbous bottom trunks, the chenille flowers and ginkgo biloba trees caught and held my attention.  I so enjoy seeing the Japanese persimmons and the figs growing on the trees.  The pitcher plants fascinate me.

There is something about plant conservatories that cause me to breathe deeply, take in the extra oxygen and completely relax.  By the time we reached the feature pyramid greenhouse, I had to take small breaks to sit on the comfy metal benches, gazing about happily and completely unaware of the passing of time.  The rest of the family had to remind me when it was time for me to eat lunch and I found it difficult to drag myself out of there to the restaurant.  I was so delighted by the plants I barely bothered to look in the gift shop afterward...yes, I know, very unlike me. haha  Even at Fort Edmonton yesterday I couldn't resist purchasing a couple of bars of organic soap, one spearmint and one mojito infusion.  Mmmm....

Dell's sister and her husband have been so patient dragging us about the city looking at things we want to see, even in this heat....the heat that struck once again this afternoon shortly after we returned home.  I stayed home to read a book, have a nap and play my sister-in-law's amazing piano while the others went shopping for some groceries my husband is using to make our dinner of pizza this evening.  They found a low carb pizza crust...pea flour, the flavour made up for by an overdose of sodium,  BUT I have been doing well with the low sodium for the most part this past week and so for one meal......  Next week we will be home and eating my own cooking once again and all will be well.

Looks like we will be leaving a cooler Edmonton tomorrow and driving into the heat once again on our way home.  Time to go home...I am out of clean clothes after tomorrow and can't say I feel like doing any laundry while we are on the road. has been a great week....except for the price of gasoline which has jumped thirteen cents a litre and more since we arrived.  Yikes!

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