Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another Prayer Request

I have just received word of another motorcycle accident destroying the lives of old friends of ours.  We have not been in touch for many years and it is only by coincidence that I found out about about this issue, but please, please, pray for Sandy and Dave.

My husband and I have lost too many friends and family to motorcycle accidents and it is hard to believe that yet another family has been struck by this type of tragedy.

Dave will likely survive, but he has so many broken bones. Sandy's face was sheared off on the pavement when she landed and the chances of her survival are very slim.

I am heartsick. All those years my husband and I also rode and yet we had no accidents of note, no serious injuries...we were always aware of what could happen and chose to take the risk until our son was born and we gave up the  bikes.  

Please also pray for Dave's and Sandy's two grown children who will have to deal with possible loss of their mother, her facial disfigurement if she survives, also a period of intense recovery for their father.  Thank you....

I do not know if I will receive any updates about this situation, but if I do hear anything I will post whatever news I get.

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