Monday, August 24, 2015

Autumn Is In The Air

I first noticed it at 3pm yesterday when my husband and I walked over to the grocery store for his camp groceries.  Today I noticed it again, that subtle change in air quality and hue.  The blue of the sky has lightened just a bit, almost imperceptibly, yet it is lighter...the lighter blue that signals the onset of autumn.  The angle of the sun is noticeably lower over the past couple of days. The leaves on the trees are still green, but not the vibrant green of spring and summer.  The flowers in the pots and beds around town are starting to look a tad bedraggled. The breeze isn't chilly, yet it does have a slight edge to it that has been absent since the first week of May.  Although it is warmer today than it has been since the middle of last week, even the warmth isn't AS warm feeling as it was before the big heat wave struck earlier this month.  

The swimming pool visit on Wednesday afternoon is going to be a sad farewell to summer for me.  It will likely be the last visit to that happy place before it is time to drain the pool and put away the noodles and floats until next summer.

This morning I looked at the photos online of the snow that came down in parts of Alberta early last weekend and it depressed me terribly.  As much as I love seeing the first snow of each winter season, the subsequent five months are ones of dread and dismay.

I find the change of seasons from summer to fall and from winter to spring very difficult to cope with: the first because it seems to come on so quickly and the second because it doesn't seem to come on quickly enough.

Rather than depress myself further I am going to now pick up my calendar of planned events and force myself to focus on all the great things and people I get to enjoy over this coming week. 

It is also time to get some music out of the closet and do some sight singing in preparation for an audition with a local community choir that has its first rehearsal on September 13th.  If I don't pass the audition it will be devastating for me, but I have to admit my voice is kind of out of shape and I haven't had to sightread much over the past 5 or 6 years.  The devastation will be born from embarrassment as I will than HAVE to admit I am now actually a "former" musician!

Okay, onward and upward to happy thoughts for the rest of the week.  Please pray for safety and fun and relaxation for my husband and his friends for their campout in Alberta this week. Thank you!  

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