Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cell Phones and Other Fun

Yesterday morning our phone rang.  Since I hadn't remembered to bring it upstairs after doing some laundry in the basement we didn't get to it in time to answer.  We checked the call display and saw the number of our former church warden who had taken us to lunch on Monday.

We tried calling her back but there was no answer.  Then a "Message Waiting" display popped up on our phone.  The message went kind of like this: rustle, rustle, clank, rustle, shuffle, wheeze, clank, bop, bop, rustle, shuffle, crackle, crackle, rustle, shuffle......and so on, you get the idea.  This filled the entire space reserved for messages on our system.  

As we listened to the message we began to realize what had happened.  We tried calling our friend again and discovered we were correct: as she was walking along, her cell phone bumped against something in her purse that activated it and caused it to dial one of the numbers in her phone number menu; in this case, ours!  hahaha

So now we know what the inside of our friend's purse sound like! hahaha

I had a great walk after lunch yesterday, nearly two hours and the only time I was standing still was in front of an ATM to pay some bills.  

Mid afternoon my husband asked me if I would like to come for a drive to some lumber yards and home improvement stores.  I know, I know, it doesn't sound like much fun for me, but I love going with him to these places and learning what all the odd looking new tools, latest gadgets and buckets of "who knows what?" are all about.  He selected some cement sealant for our basement leakage problem and then we went on a really good spree of outdoor sports store supplies looking at styles and prices on life jackets for his canoe trips.

My husband has been  bit discouraged and angry that he has had to put so much money and labour into making this rental unit liveable, to prevent water in the basement that could so easily and inexpensively be kept out of all the basements if Boardwalk management gave a hot darn about proper maintenance of their units here in the swamplands.  However, he enjoyed the project and is happy that it will contribute to us being able to stay here much longer than our first year...assuming the rent doesn't go up during this Bust Times market.  

Don't get me wrong...Boardwalk has been excellent in responding to our requests for assistance in cleaning and maintenance here, they just don't seem to grasp how easily and cheaply many of their seepage problems could be resolved.  The lack of knowledge and interest in aquiring it, just seem to be the norm for much of the local rental market.  Every province has its foibles when it comes to housing. And of course for property management companies the bottom line is profit...that is just reality.

Hopefully now our leaking basement will be completely stoppered.  If not it won't be for lack of effort on my husband's part!!

After running up and down 2 flights of stairs doing the laundry in around our other activities yesterday, the long walk and shopping trip, I was tired after supper.  A sudden burst of energy hit me at about 9pm so I got some more chores accomplished.  The good day of exercise caused me to have a wonderful sleep in this morning despite all the construction noises going on on both sides of the building.  I feel great today and hope to be just as active as yesterday.  A prolongued period of holiday inspired sloth doesn't really accomplish anything positive in my life.

Having said that, it is time to shower and get ready for the day.  My husband is moving all his computers around in the new configuration he came up with for his home office.  Once that is done, either today or tomorrow, I can head down to the basement with him and begin reorganizing the move in mess down there that remains.  Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, after all this work and getting properly organized so long after we moved in, we will not have to move again at the end of our lease next winter!!!

I know I can't face another move so soon...and yet I have this odd feeling.......please Lord, let it just be some kind of old age related paranoia....please......

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