Saturday, August 15, 2015

Committed To Resting

I decided to force myself to relax today, do as little as possible and not freak out when the reality of this dirty suite and the build up of dishes by the sink became too obvious to ignore.

Although it was tempting on a few occasions to start racing about today, I did make myself just take it easy and enjoy lying about the place, reading books and watching a few tv shows I recorded while we were away.  After a week or more of holidays it seems I need to give myself permission to chill out for a day before leaping back into the day to day chores.

However, as successful as I was in meeting my goal today, I do admit that by after dinner this evening I couldn't stand being lazy any more.  My whole body was starting to crave some exercise.  So, at about 8pm I got myself up off the couch and headed into the kitchen where I spent a wonderful couple of hours getting the day's dishes done, the kitchen floor cleaned with the upright vacuum from mom's place that came home with me last week and washing down the refrigerator.  Since I obeyed my own orders all day to rest, I had lots of energy pent up and ready to go on some of the needed tasks in this place.  Ooh, it felt good and I am looking forward to some kind of routine work around here tomorrow.

Needing to lose that few pounds again, knowing the townhouse is starting to resemble a cess pit since I didn't clean it properly before we left 2 weeks ago and not being able to stand mess for very long, are all motivating me to give up on the resting tomorrow and get going on what needs to be done.  The up side of the rest today is that I am charged up again and ready to go on even the mundane tasks like grocery shopping and paying bills and feeling cheerful about it all.  

While we could have made some plans for a few day trips over the coming week, we have decided that the best way to rebel against the price of gasoline is to plan to do one activity away from the house each day that requires us to get out and walk.  We are essentially parking the car for most of the week to save on gasoline and register our own small protest against being gouged at the gas pumps.  While we both have lots to do at home here, we realize it is best to get out while we can each day, even for an hour to walk around the lake or pick up daily groceries.

I think next week is going to be fun simply because we will be together for one more week before my husband's camping trip and then his return to work.

Today a friend from Alberta let us know she is planning to come for a visit in September for a couple of days...something to look forward to!

It is cooling down outside and it appears by the black clouds in the sky that we will get some cooling rain tomorrow.  The mosquitos have finally arrived here after the best summer of my life for being mosquito free, so we are not complaining.  It is very late in the summer heat so they won't be around for long.

What a great summer this has been in so many ways.

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