Friday, August 28, 2015

Crazy, Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Despite the sun going down later in the evenings now and that dusky hue to the mid day air, summer returned today.  It was hot, the air was still and the sun shone brilliantly.  It was a perfect day for a short road trip to Moose Jaw.

I had a great time over lunch with one friend and a great afternoon and dinner with another set of friends.  I was able to take in the second hand book sale put on by the local Humane Society.  The entire day was pleasant and it was capped off by discovering a telephone message from my husband letting me know all the campers are safe and having a fabulous time. 

After I listened to the message and checked what time it had come in, I had a short fit of the giggles. It was left on my phone between 11:30am and noon and the first part of the message was that the men had just finished their breakfast and were planning a short afternoon hike.  Yup, it is definitely The Old Guys camping trip. hahaha  For my husband, mountain climbing and even day hiking has meant a 4am rise, a quick breakfast of energy bars and cold left over tea and a summit by early afternoon.  Not this trip!!! hahaha  I continue to be grateful for the decision to leave the canoes behind.  If this group can't finish eating breakfast until nearly lunchtime then this trip is for resting, not climbing.  See how the mighty have.....AGED!!  I find it hysterical.

Adding to the hysteria is a photo one of the guys sent to his wife this evening.  It is my husband and another fellow standing on a small rockpile, several THOUSAND feet below the summit of the mountain it is attached to, hands on hips, legs apart, chests thrust out as if they had just reached the top of Mount Everest.  In reality they are likely thrilled beyond measure to have managed to get up just ever so slightly above the treeline!!!!  O how I laughed when I saw it.  

They are also surrounded by smoke from the Washington State fires, as we are here in Saskatchewan.  We have done well here, until this evening we have had only a slight haze and on odor, but tonight the smoke arrived with a vengeance.  By the time I left Moose Jaw, just before 7:30pm, the sun was blood red and the sky as dark as it generally would be about 90 minutes later.  As I drove back into the city I was most grateful I left well before the usual time of sundown because the smoke in the air was darkening the sky so much earlier.  I don't see well in twilight conditions and don't want to be driving at that time of night.  I just barely made it home as my night vision was becoming a problem.  Whew!!

Started my day off with a very cheery and encouraging call from an Ontario gal, so that set the tone for my day.  Tonight I had an equally cheery chat with my parents.  BUT I can hear the longing in my mother's voice to be able to afford to move to a seniors' centre like their other friends have done.  They thought they had figured out their finances over the past weekend and had come up with a way to afford the move....then they both remembered an expense they had completely forgotten about and the balloon was burst.  Sigh....after feeling higher than kites over the weekend with what they thought they had discovered, they had a difficult crash landing when reality hit.  My dad's forced retirement at the age of 43 destroyed his pension and they have to live pretty frugally.  My mom never had benefits at any of her the early days of her career even the big oil company she was employed by did not give women benefits.

One good thing came of their admitting to me what happened: we were finally able to have the discussion about them getting their names onto some waiting lists of places more affordable to them.  They are going to set up some tours over the next couple of months.  Thank you Lord!  If Dad doesn't get himself into one of these places WITH mom very soon, his physical health will not permit him to be accepted into them and he will end up in a nursing home, alone, without the intermediate step of seniors' living.  It seems that so many things that have been avoided by them for the past five years are finally making their way into the mindset and being acted upon.  I just pray it isn't too late.  Neither of them seems able to grasp that at some point there is a huge chance they will not be living together in the same place...sigh....getting old sucks!

In spite of the rather depressing news about their need to remain in their condo independently for longer than they wanted to, it was still a good, productive conversation.  It was good to talk to them and to hear their restored hope that perhaps, even though the first place they thought they could afford would not be possible, they are willing and even eager to keep looking. 

My son just sold a small painting!  Another possible sale arose for a second canvas. The beginning of the end of the last few months of famine conditions???  Let us hope!

Another good day today! Thank you Lord!

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