Friday, August 21, 2015

Happiness From My Friends and Family Today

What a nice day today, filled with all kinds of good news!

My parents were so cheery on the phone today. Mom had the first part of her annual physical earlier this week and things are looking good for the age of nearly 88 she is still completely independent and energetic, hopping on buses around her city to grocery shop, do banking and get out for some air and a cup of coffee.  Dad had the best news in months about his glaucoma.  The pressure in both eyes has stabilized, so his eyedrops are working now, long may it continue.

A friend took me out for lunch today after a doctor's appointment. She was seeing her surgeon after an operation last week that has left her feeling great and looking terrific.

Friends from Ontario were blessed this morning with unexpected news of a job offering only days after being turned down for a similar position, plus this offer included a choice of locations from which to work!

Crowdfunding has gone successfully for Sandy and Dave after their accident. They are now back in Canada in Canadian hospitals and are slowly but surely beginning a long period of recovery.  The American doctors took such excellent care of them and got the initial plastic surgeries and other operations taken care of while waiting for them to be strong enough to travel back northward.  They have a wonderfully supportive family and many good friends.

The young son of good friends is being baptized this weekend out at a camp several miles from his home.  The family will be able to set up their trailer and spend the whole weekend relaxing and preparing for the baptism.  The young man also received his drivers' license recently and so life is going pretty well for him right now.

My husband's brother-in-law passed his check flight in BC today and is flying his plane solo for the first time since his eye problems began over a year ago.  We are so excited for him and praying for good weather tomorrow in Alberta so he can complete his flight home to Edmonton from Salmon Arm.

So far the sealant my husband put on the cracks in the basement walls is holding.  We had not only rain this afternoon, but earlier in the morning the maintenance staff had the sprinklers going, so water was pouring into the corner of the foundation where my husband built up the soil and where he completed the main patching work inside. No water seeped into the basement. We are now scheduled for about two full days of rain so we will see if this sealant has at least slowed the flow.

Our son contacted us to tell us how happy he is to be back in his arts community on the west coast....for now....he has a new friend and we are wondering if she will become a closer friend than she is right now....IF he stays in Canada....if....if......not likely.....

Today, all the news has been very good. May that continue to be the case for many days to come for all our family and friends!!

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