Saturday, August 15, 2015

It's Good to be Back Home.....Sort of.....

The over 9 hour trip home yesterday seemed to fly by rather quickly, despite a number of stops for food, gasoline and cleaning bug splatters off the windshield.  Thanking God for the wonderful AC system in that little old car as we drove from nicely cooled down Edmonton to +36C Regina.  

The townhouse was oppressively hot, but we got the fans going and the windows open on the coolest side of the building, donned our new gel cooled bandanas and had a relaxing evening doing "sweet tweet"!  

After a very good sleep in this morning we are continuing with relax mode!  It is noon, we are not showered or dressed, no dishes have been done.  The most strenuous activity so far today has been sweeping the kitchen floor.  Yawn....

So, back to reality for me.  My husband has spent several hours now deliberating on where to start the remaining moving in and organizing tasks here at home and I figure he will actually start on them sometime AFTER his holidays never, perhaps???  hahaha  O he will get some of the tasks done, but getting ready and organized and packed up for hiking and canoeing next week will be far more of a temptation to him.  It does need to be done as well...but I am hoping he will remember the "as well" and not replace that with "instead of". haha

We came home to the news of the death of 2 different aquaintances and so will be heading out of town next weekend for a funeral.  Both passed on after devastating illnesses; one has been fighting dreadful cancer for over a year and the other was struck down with a debilitating stroke only 2 weeks ago.  Please pray for the families of Brenda and Mr. Penner.  Thank you.

Okay....a shower is calling me, clean clothes await, housework cannot be left any longer today.  The exercise will be good for me and I need to lose again the 8 pounds I gained while sorting out the protein and fat content of my new diet of the past couple of months.  At least the symptoms of protein deficiency are gone. YAY!

Have a great weekend.  We are deciding what to do about church tomorrow morning...that is if we don't sleep in like we did today....

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