Monday, August 24, 2015

Last MInute Changes in Plans....aka Scrambling!!

So, today did not go as planned...and subsequently  neither will the rest of this week, particularly for my dear husband!  

About 1pm I was overcome by a strong sense of urgency that my husband should call his friend in Moose Jaw where he was to be staying tonight, to confirm that he was still expected.  O me, o my...what a firestorm that call set off.

Our dear friend has had about the most incredibly stressful life over the past couple of years that we have ever seen since we ourselves were in that position with our former business.  The upshot of today is that, incredibly, he has been under the impression that the camping trip was to be NEXT week.  The poor man!  There is no way he is free to go this week.  I can only imagine how upset he is with himself, but we understand it because in times past we have made similar stress based mistakes.  In the end it will all be for the best, of that we are certain based on past experiences of our own with the Lord and with loss of capacity for remembering details when under long term stress.  

For my husband things have worked out fine.  He admitted he is too tired to face such a long round trip drive and still enjoy the camp.  Our forgetful friend also did not need such a strenuous drive, in our opinion and I am glad for both of them they don't have to face it.  After some phone calls and replanning my husband was able to book himself a flight to Calgary Wednesday morning.   His friend from Olds will pick him up and they will drive out to the camp, stopping in Canmore to rebuy the groceries my husband is responsible for, for the group meals, but that he can't carry on the airplane.  That is fine with me as what he has all ready purchased will be enjoyed here at home and cut down on my grocery bill in September. haha

With one less fellow along, the others decided to leave the canoes out of the equation. They all had to admit that none of them feel sufficiently fit right now to be out battling the mountain lake winds since summer has held its unexpected stresses for all of them.  The Regina friend who is meeting them at the camp after being in Edmonton will now be able to drive my husband home after the camp.  It means my husband only has to face the long drive going one way and his friend will not have to drive back here all alone for that many hours. For the remaining campers it is all working out after all.

However, we are praying for our friend that will now be left behind.  May the Lord grant him some other unexpected, relaxing, pleasure next week on his week off.  May he forgive himself for for getting mixed up.  May he be able to join in next summer once again with the group for a good long canoe trip in the Churchill river system once again as it recovers from this year's forest fires.

All things really do work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called to His service and we pray our friend can see the outworking of that next week, so too this week's campers as they travel and enjoy the mountains in the great outdoors.

As for me, I still have our car to drive and don't have to change any of my own plans.  How cool is that?? One less stress today here. haha

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