Friday, August 28, 2015

Last of the Summer Rock Concerts in the Park....From My Mouth to God's Ears!

I can tell it is the weekend because of the pounding drums and bleating guitars drifting in from the park across the road.  It is a huge park and likely the rock band that is playing this weekend is as far from our home as you can get, but the winds carry the sound over here.  Hopefully this is the final weekend without sleep before my husband returns to work on Tuesday.  Maybe I will luck out tomorrow night and the horrendous cover of stinky forest fire smoke will shut down the bands...oooh, that sounds so mean, but I am soooo tired.  Don't want to begrudge other people their fun.

I admit I am slightly crabby after staying up until 2am watching the rather lighthearted 2004 movie version of Thackeray's "Vanity Fair", starring a very young looking Reese Witherspoon. It isn't a great movie, but I so enjoyed relaxing after my day in Moose Jaw and somehow the fact that this version, filled with tv advertisments, is over 3 hours in length escaped me.  The city cement pouring crew showed up outside my bedroom window just after 6am, so I can't be accused of sleeping in after my late night.

Today was a good day despite the lack of sleep, but my plans for the day ended up changing drastically.  My first email of this morning ended with my assertion that, "I AM going to clean this house today. I AM I AM I AM!"  Yeah....not so much.........

I decided to go to the grocery store soon after it opened at 8am in order to avoid the weekend crowds and the empty shelves that often occur on Fridays.   After I paid my bill at the store I realized I had no money in my purse leftover other than the loony I used to release a grocery cart from its chains.  So, instead of going straight home I drove across the city to my bank to get some cash: another half hour or more delay on starting the clean up at home.

As I unpacked the mountain of  fresh produce I purchased today in order to take full advantage of some PC bonus point offers, I discovered a small disaster in the vegetable bin in the 'fridge.  Stuffed into the back of the large bin was a torn plastic bag with 3 moldy, weeping, seeping old carrots inside.  The liquid they generated had leaked out of the bag and was ahered in a sticky, slimy mass all over the bottom of the bin, stuck to other vegetables....oooh, it was just awful. Out of the 'fridge came the bin. Out of the bin came all the vegetables that were stored in there. I rewashed all the veggies, then sterilized the bin after washing it thoroughly.  I repacked the produce in the bin along with the new purchases, but when I went to put it back into its place in the bottom of the fridge, I noticed something sticky on the bottom of the refrigerator where the bin rests.  O dear....something on a 'fridge shelf had tipped over a couple of days ago and I had righted it as soon as I discovered it, but I hadn't realized it had dripped part of its contents down the back wall of the refrigerator and under the veggie bin.  Rats!  Down onto my hands and aching, protesting knees I went to scrub everything out.  Of course, after discovering sticky drips there, I had to take everything out of the refrigerator and wipe the entire interior down just in case there were spills elsewhere I hadn't noticed.  The inside didn't actually need much cleaning, as it turned out, but at least now it is done.  I was now about 90 minutes behind on my original cleaning schedule.

As I tried to cram the bin back into its space in the 'fridge, I realized  how overly zealous I had been in purchasing so many fresh veggies, because there were too many to fit in there.  Our refrigerator is rather small and there was no room to put any of the leftover produce onto the shelves, so...what to do???  I pulled out the vegetables that had been in the 'fridge the longest and decided if I diced them they would be a delicious addition to spaghetti sauce.  So then I ended up spending the better part of an hour making sauce, slicing and dicing tomatoes, garlic, cauliflower, 3 different colours of peppers, zucchini, onions, for what seemed like forever.  Oh, and among the veggies that I thought should be used right away were 3 Yukon Gold potatoes, so I washed them and boiled them up for later use.  Oh, and then there was the package of large pork chops I had planned to cook for dinner tonight...well...why not just cook them up as well.  Then, as it was nearly lunch time, I used up the remains of a head of lettuce, a somewhat elderly tomato and the tag end of a cucumber to make a salad to go with my lunch.  Hmmmm....what to have with the salad?  I decided that it would be easier on the rest of the contents of the refrigerator if I removed the remains of a cooked chicken, chopped it up and made a rather thick sandwich.  Yum!  AND it freed up space in the 'fridge for a few cans of carbonated water.

By the time I did all this, ate my lunch, washed and dried all the dishes, pots and pans from my cooking venture and cleaned up the kitchen floor of the pepper seeds, garlic ends and minute cauliflower florets that flew around the place as a result of my frantic preparation, it was after 1pm.  

Yes, I still had all afternoon to clean the place, but I was so tired I couldn't face it.  My "I AM I AM I AM" turned into "I AM'T I AM'T I AM'T!!"  In my defense, had I cleaned it on Wednesday right after my husband left the effort would have been worth it for a few sanitary days alone.  However, since at some late hour tomorrow evening (all ready!!?!!) my husband will be coming home, dragging his filthy camp gear all over the place until it can be cleaned and put away the next day, I decided there was no point in over taxing myself by cleaning and then being frustrated only 24 hours later by seeing all my hard work ruined within a few short minutes.  How's that for giving myself an excuse to be lazy just because of being tired?? I also happily remembered my husband telling me, just before he boarded the plane, not to worry about housework but to have fun with my friends instead.  There....what more reason did I need to forget about doing any more work, right??  

I spent the rest of the afternoon resting, reading, and opening yet another present received this week from a friend: beautiful wool winter hats she knit for us to wear.  Why am I being so blessed this week with wonderful, loving gifts?  I am not complaining, I am reveling in the joy of receiving.

I did get some tidying up done this evening so the place will not be a total wreck when my husband gets back. Yay me! hohoho!!  

Any thoughts though that I was tempted to have about getting up early tomorrow morning and getting everything spic and span around here has been scuttled by the knowledge I won't be able to get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning when the rockers are silenced and by the fact that I now have an invitation to go out for tea tomorrow.....there, having fun with my friends as my husband asked me to do.  I am a most obedient wife.......


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