Saturday, August 29, 2015

Men in Tents

The men will be home closer to dinner tonight than we thought.  I am glad they had a good trip despite forest fire smoke and some rain, but I can't help hoping they won't get home so early that I can't get together with one of the other wives for our planned tea time later this afternoon. haha  I think we can have our tea and I can get back with at least a half hour to spare...I hope. haha  Making new friends here is high on my priority list and this gal is working full time and then some.  If we don't get together today I don't know when there will be another chance.  I need to make as many new friends here in the city as possible before the snow and ice settle in and getting around anywhere becomes more difficult.  There is something about winter that zaps peoples' motivation to go anywhere they don't absolutely need to go, so it can be a much lonelier time of year.

So, here's to a happy tea time and a safe arrival home for our guys.

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