Thursday, August 20, 2015

MY Holidays Are Coming To An End....Waaaaaahhhh!!!

It is that time of the summer....the end of my holidays with my husband.  Only a few more days before he departs to spend his last week of holidays camping and canoeing with his buddies.  At last the plans have come together for them and I am excited that my husband has this chance to enjoy his friends and his favourite mountains and lakes.

This time my week alone may be somewhat less fun than others.  This time he has to drive our vehicle, so I will be stuck in the city on my own, unable to drive out of town to visit good friends I have seen too little of this busy summer.  

As far as what is going on here in the city I will be fine.  There are a few people here now that I am comfortable calling and asking to get together for tea or a meal, or even asking for a ride somewhere.  

I have decided as well that it will be a good week to finally ride all the buses that stop near our home, find out where they all go and how to connect from them to transfer buses, so I can learn before the snow flies how to get out and about with no vehicle of my own.  It is all good.

A friend from Calgary is coming for 2 days in September.  It is a fast trip but her flight times are perfect for us to pick her up from and take her back to the airport. Although her hotel is far from us, it is a very direct and easy route from our house to drive her there and back.  Really glad she is coming.  She tried to visit last year but we couldn't coordinate our free times with hers.  

        BREAK      >>><<<<>>>><<<       BREAK

Just outside helping the next door neighbour corral her dog.  haha Monte is a short haired terrier who rarely ever runs off, but when he does he goes like the wind and comes home only when he is darned good and ready. Fortunately he was ready fairly quickly today.  There is a lot of road construction equipment on both sides of our building and he is frightened of vehicles, so he was convinced to return only a few minutes after he ran off.  We took a few minutes to enjoy the lady's 10 month old son's fun as he sat in the tickly grass and pulled up bits of it to examine.  Such a cute age.  My neighbour's maternity leave is up and she will return soon to work. My goodness it is going to be so quiet next door when she is gone.  Monte will be devastated to be alone all day.  

Lovely day today here.  We had a bit of rain and chill this morning, but now in the late afternoon the sun is shining and it is toasty warm without being too hot.  It is a perfect late summer day.  My husband is applying the next coat of cement to the basement walls.  It must be working because today not a drop came into the basement during the rain.  YAY!!!  Now we can relax about living here if we don't have to worry about all the storage in the basement being ruined by water.

This morning we laid around and watched tv: "The Judge" with Robert Downy Jr. and Robert Duvall.  What an intensely acted movie.  It was really really really good.  It has been awhile since we have watched a movie that held our attention as well as this one did.  So glad we found it as the last few we have tried to watch have been total bombs.  Other years we have watched a number of morning movies while on holidays at home but this year my husband has spent his mornings working on the home projects he has been behind on.  Maybe we can watch another one tomorrow morning as it will be our last chance this summer.

So, a good day all around.  Good phone chats with friends, some entertainment, some housework, an afternoon nap, good neighbourhood interaction, great weather, intense afternoon exercise...yeah, a good day.  AND the evening still stretches out before us.....   

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