Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Magic Laundry Basket

This afternoon the sun came out after a brief rain shower.  After the grey skies of the past few days, caused by all the forest fire smoke, the blue sky and sun energized me to get off the couch and go to the mall to purchase a new laundry basket.  The old one split as I was taking it downstairs the other day with a full load of laundry inside it.  I lost my balance trying to hang onto everything and nearly fell down the stairs.  Thanking God I didn't fall and break more bones.  

I should have gone straight to WallyWorld and purchased the basket as there is nothing in that store to tempt me into extra buying.  However, since the mall is closer I went there instead.  Having had a fairly large lunch I knew I needed exercise so I walked all around the mall before I went into Canadian Tire and bought the basket.  

Lo and behold, when I got the basket back to the car it was filled with small bags of new clothes from some of the ladies' wear retailers in the mall!!!  My o my....a magic laundry basket!  How delightful...AND all the clothes were clearance priced so they didn't need to feel guilty about coming home with me and having my husband notice them inside the basket when I tried to sneak it past him as he was watching a favourite movie ("Reds 2") on tv.

I have decided that a magic laundry basket is a wonderful addition to my home.  Yah!!  You too can find a magic laundry basket at Canadian Tire for $3.99, BUT it is only magic if that Canadian Tire is attached to a shopping mall. 

Trust me, I know...........

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