Sunday, August 16, 2015

Oooh Goody....Visiting!!

Seriously, if you haven't read through the previous post on art, PLEASE give it a will be doing a huge favour to every artist you know if you take the time and think about it...seriously!

It has been a good day...filling my cupboards and refrigerator with groceries, getting some walking done, paying bills at the ATM, SLEEPING IN, watching my husband get started on restringing cords for the computers and phone so he can complete his moving in project the way he wants and then setting up 2 wonderful visits for tomorrow: lunch with one of his wardens from our last parish at a very nice restaurant and afternoon tea with a cousin and her mom.  Oooh, I like the way the last week of our shared holiday time is turning out.  I am sorry that the visitor from our last parish is going to see our place at the full extent of its dusty, lint covered splendor, but there you have it...can't be helped.  It is too late in the day for me to start cleaning now and besides, doesn't pride go before a fall??  Seems to me I have heard that somewhere...hohoho!

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