Saturday, August 22, 2015

Soggy/Sunny Saturday!

We woke up this morning to a teeming downpour of rain.  At some point during the night it started and it didn't end until mid-afternoon.  I am delighted to report that the sealant my husband filled the cracks with in the basement walls worked so very well.  The water didn't come in at all along those cracks.  It did find one more small crack we hadn't noticed before and about two or three tablespoons of water came in there...just enough to dampen a facecloth we had on the floor underneath.  Tomorrow my husband will ream out that crack and fill it as well.  It appears those are the only cracks in our foundation so once this small one is done we should be quite safe from any more serious leaking. YAY!! I talked to the management today and soon the staff will be here with the big lift crane to clean out the eavestroughing where the water dumps down directly into the foundation.

After a very late breakfast we drove to Moose Jaw for a most celebratory funeral.  It was for the father of good friends of ours, a wonderful man who lived to sing and to be a doctor overseas and in small western Canadian communities.  The funeral was full of wonderful music, comedic and serious tributes, excellent praise given to God for this man's life and then a most delicious feast afterward for the family and friends of the deceased.  It was a joyous occasion amidst the grieving.  It was a long funeral, but so well done it didn't matter.  We could have happily continued to sit in the funeral home for another half hour listening to stories about this remarkable man and his equally remarkable family. The stories of God's provision for him throughout his life were encouraging to people like my husband and myself who have had also to depend on God for help in our lives over the past few years.  Jehovah Jireh reigns!

There were a number of my husband's former seminary professors at the funeral today. He had such fun visiting with them.  I got to speak to some of the women I met there and that was such fun, comparing notes from the past 9 years, how old we have all become and how much longer it is taking us to do anything any more.  We poked and prodded and checked out our old lady fashions and hairstyles, our orthopedic shoes and wrinkle reducing make up on our faces. hahaha It was really a hoot.  We exchanged the latest news on our kids and grandkids and mostly we laughed, then laughed some more.

The drive there was horrendous.  The winds were so strong and the rain so thick it was difficult to stay in my driving lane.  There was no way I could even drive the speed limit or we would have either hydroplaned ourselves into the ditch or bucked the wind to the tune of way too much fuel consumption. Having to pass a few semis so  we could get out of the spray behind their trucks was an exercise of faith.  Between the spray from their tires and the all ready heavy, blowing rain it was impossible to see anything up beside them but the yellow line denoting the edge of my lane along the median.  Yuck!  Other than ice, this is my most unfavourite kind of road condition.  So grateful we made it there safely. Coming home the wind was behind us, the pavement dry and the sun was shining merrily.  O happy day!  That tailwind home made up for the gas consumption on the way there, so total consumption was about the same for that trip as it usually is in perfect conditions.

My husband has been feeling punky for the past 24 hours...slightly upset stomach, an almost headache and general malaise.  Yesterday while he was sorting 3 boxes of old papers and such he had the wrong glasses on. Every time he looked up from the papers to take a gander elsewhere it bothered his eyes but he didn't realize he was making himself ill until later in the day.  By dinner he was terribly woozy and I made him a soft boiled egg and slice of toast.  He couldn't face a full meal.  How he got through today so well when he was still feeling so poorly....well, he has learned because of his CFS how to fake feeling fine for a few hours when he is in the presence of others.  On the way home again he gave into the lousy feelings and has been slumped on the couch watching football and nature documentaries ever since we got back.  How I hope he will feel better by tomorrow as he needs to shop for his camp groceries and haul out his gear for Monday's packing up.  Poor guy.....I think, personally, that he also has had more stress than he wants to admit about the last bits of sorting out and reorganizing because he sees he will barely be done before his holidays are over and won't even have started on the basement project.  He was stressed with the planning and coordinating of the camp next week.  Fortunately, one of the fellows in Alberta turned out to be unexpectedly available and he has been a great help getting food and canoes organized. My husband didn't want another soft boiled egg for dinner tonight. He admitted he has been craving KFC chicken, so off I went to get him a two piece meal.  It must be a couple of years since he has eaten that kind of "fast food" but we have both discovered there is something in the sodium laden grease fest that settles our tummies.  Wierd but true...when I had an ulcer about thirty years ago that was literally all I could eat for days at a time.  His tummy has certainly settled down tonight after that meal.

I received some super fantastic news today at the funeral.  One of the family members is going on the camp out next week and we found out he and his wife now have two vehicles.  He is planning to take one of theirs to the camp so that I can have our car here.  I WILL NOT BE CAR-LESS after all next week!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Thank you Lord!!!!  I can hardly believe it.  It is going to make a few things much easier.  I will be able to get to some fasting bloodwork labs without having to either walk or bus early in the morning on an empty stomach, with a purse full of breakfast to eat on the way home!  Double Yay!!  I will be able to get to my friend's place for an afternoon swim without her having to come and pick me up and drive me home. Triple Yay!!!  I have options to go window shopping in the area of town I haven't explored yet. I can drive to Moose Jaw to visit friends.  I can still check out bus routes but at my leisure, not out of instant necessity.  Quadruple, quintuple YAY!!!!!

Tomorrow is the day for buying camp groceries, maybe after a last sleep in.  We should be going to church but I suspect my husband will not be feeling well enough. If he sleeps in I am not going to wake him.  We can do night prayers together before bed tonight and go to church next Sunday somewhere before he returns to his own congregation the following week.  I am very very grateful he took his full year's holidays at one time, the whole month of August.  Although he has not been well the last couple of days, that often happens during his week at home mid-holiday and once he has done his camp he will be refreshed and restored, ready to tackle his job and ministry once again.

August has been a blessed month this year.

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