Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Days Just Bless My Soul Even More Than Usual

Today has been one of those extra special days where all the world seems right and cheerful and wonderful.  It is a total "Pollyanna" day for me.

This morning I enjoyed my half hour walk to the Cornwall Centre to get my hair cut.  With blue skies, a slight breeze and reasonable temperatures outside, I was able to take my time, walking through a park and under huge old trees along the route.

The haircut turned out well and then I spent 90 minutes window shopping...yup, did find a pair of pants I have been looking at for awhile on sale for 40% off, so.....will be a good addition to my winter wardrobe.  The clothing stock in the stores right now is in that liminal stage between summer sale stock and the first of the fall and winter arrivals.  So far nothing in the new stock has really caught my eye, but then I doubt I need anything new.  All the clothes I purchased last winter should fit well and be new enough to enjoy for another winter or two or three.  Classic, traditional styles are rarely so out of style that they look goofy after a couple of years of wearing them.  This is a winter for saving money now, not spending it.

My husband walked down in time to meet me for lunch at Zam Zam Wraps.  He enjoyed a small bowl of their fabulously delicious lentil soup and a medium sized falafal wrap.  Good grief...if that was only the medium sized wrap how humongous are the large ones????  He so enjoyed his lunch and we topped off our meals (my usual sodium fest of a chicken shwarma salad) with 3 or 4 teeny cookies they make that are so low in sugar and so very tasty.  A small tray of a dozen is five dollars and they look like doll house sized cookies. O are they ever good!  A rare treat for me.

After lunch my husband noticed we had been sitting beside an electronics store and absolutely insisted I purchase a set of headphones for my electric keyboard.  The old ones finally packed it in around the time we moved.  He found some excellent ones on sale, an inexpensive adaptor to fit my board and so I came home buoyed up knowing I can play now to my heart's content while he is away and I won't bother the neighbours.

The most wonderful EXTRA treat was awaiting me when I arrived home.  There between the doors was a large parcel for me from my husband's sister:  a complete book of piano music for all the BEATLES' songs!!  YIPPEE!!!  What a huge treat, a pleasure to enjoy for months to come.  When we visited her in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago I was looking at hers, playing some of the songs and I mentioned I need to get off my lazy duff and order in some new books to play from.  She obviously heard me and has now surprised me with this amazing gift. WOW!!  I am so excited.......hehe, ya' think??

My husband is just checking into his flight that leaves tomorrow.  It is wonderful to be able to save time by checking in online.  I am so glad now he didn't have to leave today for a long drive.  He is feeling so much more rested today, so much more able to truly enjoy the campout and his buddies.  We have been in touch with the fellow who had the dates mixed up and he has decided he and his wife will take advantage of it to go away together for a few days.  That will be so lovely as she has just left her job and wants to do some planning for the future.  I am delighted for them.

Don't know what is going to happen for the rest of this day, but so far it has been beyond fun.  I admit I have enjoyed having my husband here for an extra day and a half this week.  I always miss him so badly when he returns to work after holidays.  Even this little townhouse seems empty when he is gone again.

Hope every one of you is having a good day/week like I am having.  Now, with all the plans I have made for myself for the rest of the week I HAVE to work in some housekeeping....aiiii yiiiii....the place is a mess. O well....summer will soon end and there will more time free to clean house than I even want to have free.

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