Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Unexpectedly Discerning

I was talking to a friend yesterday who asked me a question.  The response to my answer was, "It's about time."

Wow....it was in regard to a formerly ongoing situation in my life that I had no idea this person truly understood.  The person was part of a large group I used to be involved with and realized that I felt incredibly lonely even in their midst, always on the outside looking in, pushed away even at times when it would have seemed more prudent for the group at large to include me.  This person was part of that group and I knew that at least we connected well, the two of us and that was wonderful.

I had no idea though that the person could see so clearly what else was going on.  After our talk I felt affirmed as an individual.  I felt gratified that someone else in the group could see what was going on and understood how I felt at the time.  I felt such joy that the person is so excited that I am now part of another large group, but who include me, welcome my involvement and are reaching out to me on a social level. The person I was talking to is genuinely happy for this change in my life.

Just about the time you think no one saw or understood an unhappy situation in your life, or tried "behind your back" to help the situation resolve more positively in your favour, you discover someone did try to do those very things.

I haven't been able to sleep tonight because I am replaying our conversation over in my head and feeling so good....far too elated to sleep. There is something about feeling that you are understood that brings joy.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in many ways, lots of good family and friend connections, but the icing on the cake was the conversation with this dear, discerning person.

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