Sunday, August 30, 2015

Well....Staying Out of It Lasted All of Three Hours.....

My parents called today.  They have worked and reworked their finances and have come up with an affordable plan to move to the seniors' facility of their choice.  

We got my very logical and experienced husband to get on the line as well and my parents walked us through their research and their conclusions.  Based on whatever happens with their tour of the place in 2 weeks time and on the answers to their many questions, it may actually be possible for them after all.  Thank you Jesus!!!

I demanded to speak to my mother alone and grilled her and grilled her some more about her feelings.  Other than the cooking/baking she is not really ready to give up, she had no other objections. So, I took some time to explain to her that I would be happy to come to Calgary and teach her how to bake cookies and muffins, scones and small fruit loaves in her toaster oven that she will be allowed to have in the facility if she does move.  That excited her and she said that would take care of the last of her own objections about moving.  I also asked if she didn't think Dad would flourish far better being surrounded by other people and new friends, instead of laying around in their present condo alone most of the time, depressed and miserable.  She admitted that yes it would be good for him and also that they would both enjoy the many entertainments provided in the social room.  Hallelujah!!!

Then I talked to Dad alone and asked him if he could cope better with mom continuing to take buses around the city on her own if he was surrounded by the folks in the facility instead of at home alone worrying about her safety.  He said it would be a huge load off his mind.

Okay then....IF they can get what they need from the sale of their condo then I will do all I can to support them in this move.  That is my prayer...price and timing of sale for their condo in a depressed market.  We sold our house years ago in the worst real estate market in about 30 years in our area and still ended up with exactly the dollar amount we needed and the sale went through at the exact last possible second to make our next move work out.  I can only pray Mom and Dad will also do well enough to make their dreams of moving come true.

I feel so much better. Thank you guys too for praying for my family.

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