Saturday, August 29, 2015

Whew! HOT!!

I admit to truly enjoying the return to super hot weather the past couple of days.  Today we were back in the +30C range once again and o my, how lovely it was.  It is still rather warm this late in the evening, 10pm, so the windows are open, the fans running for the night and the white noise from the fan will be just enough to take the edge off the rock music pounding in the park.

All the campers are safely home, raving about what a wonderful time they had, even though it was such a short trip.  My husband and his friend from here have decided they are going to fly to the mountains and back from now on. That long drive back here is so brutally boring and monotonous, they both feel they just can't face it again next year.  Flying to the mountains and back plus the costs associated with the camping are not that much more than a week long canoe trip in the north country by the time the added costs of rentals and extra food are added in.

For myself, I had the most lovely afternoon tea time with my new friend.   Hopefully we can get together again sometime.  Her husband likes the same Indian restaurant that my husband enjoys so there is hope of us going out for dinner some time once the three of them get readusted to their return to work this coming week.  All three of them so enjoy their jobs and I admit I am envious. I can't think of one job I have ever had that I enjoyed enough to want to continue to do it for any length of time.  Isn't that pathetic?  I can't believe how much I enjoy being at home, doing home body stuff, taking care of my husband's health issues.  Somewhere along the line I got caught up in some kind of "space/time continuum" and returned to the 1950's as far as my interests and lifestyle.  

Two more days with my husband.  YIPPEE!!  Monday night we will celebrate the end of our holiday time together with our weekly Monday night date, but will go somewhere extra special.  Tomorrow I have no idea what we will do.  Maybe we will go to our friends' church....if we wake up in time....if we are feeling up to it....if we decide we really want to go....if....if....if.....

Happy Sunday in two more hours everyone.

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