Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Retro Regurgitation

A few minutes ago I saw an advertisement for the latest in USB keyboards and I laughed and laughed.

These new keyboards are set up and built exactly like old fashioned typewriters.  They can be used as keyboards for PC's, lap tops and other devices, OR, teehee, you can put in a piece of paper and type up a letter the old fashioned way and post it via snail mail.  hahaha  I LOVE this!!  There is hope yet for a return of the national postal service.  

As hackers become more proficient and more dangerous even to the average computer user, the rest of the world seems to be following the US Pentagon's lead in returning to paper documents to avoid compromising personal and classified information by having it stolen and put onto the internet and social media outlets for all the world to see.

For some perverse reason the production of this new style of USB/typewriter keyboard absolutely delights me.  Sometimes, just occasionally, we discover that some of the older, pre-computer, inventions can actually be pretty darned useful!!

Sorry if my age is showing, but I can't help but giggle once in awhile at the failures of our technological age, even as I enjoy its successes.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ooooh, That Hurts!!.

Am paying the price for overdoing it on the weekend and again yesterday but I have no regrets for taking all the opportunities presented to me to get out of the house. A Tylenol at 2am at least relaxed my aching leg and allowed me a few more hours of sleep. It was worth an uncomfortable night, is all I can say.

Yesterday morning my husband took some time off to chauffeur me around the city to a number of banks and grocery stores. This time there was no sitting and waiting in the car for me! I crutch walked myself into all the venues and took care of most of the duties myself, letting my husband experience the joy of sitting in the warm car, relaxing and making phone calls/texting for work.

I did agree to wait in the car when he found a hardware store that carries the grab bar I need for the bathtub, thank goodness I was able to see the sense in that! Tonight he will install it and I will be able to enjoy my first post-op shower and proper hair conditioning. YIPPEE!!

After two rounds of physio and some rest a friend took me for a delicious dinner of salad, bassa fish and grilled veggies. We always have such great visits because we spend so much time laughing about absolutely nothing.

It was a phenomenal day after a happy weekend, but apparently right after dinner the colour drained from my face, so my friend brought me home. Well, it was a great day while it lasted.

Today I am not dressed, but wrapped in my bathrobe and a blanket, blogging and reading from the safe haven of our comfy sofa. The back porch will be as far away from the house as I get today. It is quite chilly outside and the furnace insists it is time to come on more often than I wish it needed to. At least the sun is shining. We are surrounded on all sides by road construction, so there is a lot of noise and the wretched odor of hot tar and asphalt to contend with,  but the driving around here will be far less taxing on our elderly auto once it is complete.

Life is good!

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Reason the Anne Lamott Book Was So Good for Me to Read!

I admit I don't always have an appreciation for some of the language used and the real life stories of normal human struggle by authors who are "real people", like Anne Lamott is, honest people who don't try to hide their flaws or their failures or their confusion about life in and out of the Spirit.

However, one of the reasons I am glad I read her latest book this past week is that it gave God another chance to seep out from around the perimeters of the evanglical faith I grew up with....the one that laid out many rules for establishing who was and was not a "true Christian" or a "good Christian" based on outward appearances that could be deceiving and also easily manipulated to achieve the desired response from others looking on.

I rarely struggle with that old way of thinking any more, but occasionally when I least expect it it rears its ugly head.  It happened this past week, right in the middle of my reading Lamott's book and talk about perfect timing! haha  What I read that same day in the book relieved me of a very old and unexpected temptation to look on someone else in an attitude of judgement.

Thank you Anne Lamott for your honesty in the books you write.  We are not much different in the particular struggles we have had in adult life and maybe one of the reasons I sometimes cringe when I read your books is that I see myself in all my unadorned humanity.

Lunar Eclipse

One joy of prairie living is the perfect view of the big sky.  Last night we had the most wonderful viewing of the lunar eclipse, right from our back door.  We were able to stand on our back porch and watch the moon change from the intense brightness that was spectacular enough to see, to a deep blood red, to a lighter red and deep purplish blue and back to the intense brightness it began with.  What an amazing sight.  To have the moon that close to the earth and see the actual eclipse so clearly made me feel like I was in a science fiction movie.  Quite a thrill. We were happy to have the whole evening free to just enjoy watching the changes in light and colour. WOW!  What an amazing universe we live in.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

O Glorious Day

Today is a perfect autumn day!  The temperature is close to +20C, the sun is shining through a few scattered clouds, some of the trees have bright yellow leaves, some have leaves that have barely begun to turn from summer green and some are completely nude all ready.  The park across the road from our place is still filled with luscious looking plants, the huge flower pots decorating some of the medians along the main streets are still sporting brightly coloured flowers and ground cover plants.  

This morning I was able to go to church for the first time in a few weeks and it was so much fun.  Many of those there today were not at the steak supper on Friday, so I was able to enjoy seeing all those new friends once again after what seems like a long absence.  I wasn't able to stand up for a lot of the hymns and prayers, but I stood as I was able and felt so good to be back in "the fold" of my church community. Eucharist was particularly meaningful after not having it but once during this recovery time.

Next Sunday afternoon, Lord willing, I will be attending Community Choir for the first time with one of the younger gals from church.  I am also excited to find out that the United Church minister's husband is a part of that same choir.  He and I decided we can have our own private family "in jokes" to laugh about there.  I feel so badly for him and his husband, my husband's cousin.  Because of their lifestyle choice they have been able to have so little positive contact with any of their family members and are clinging to my husband and I as if we are their last hope.  May we be able to exude the love of Christ for these newly discovered family members. My husband is equally delighted to have located more family here in the city that he never knew about before.  What a fantastic chance to grow not only in our family contacts, but in learning about how faith is lived out in their lives.

After church we just couldn't force ourselves to return home for a plebian bacon and egg luncheon.  The day was too nice to want to stick ourselves back into the house too soon.  So, we went over to our favourite Sunday pub, Leopold's, and had a scrumptious meal.  Perhaps it is because I have been stuck indoors for 3 weeks and only had one previous chance in that time to try going to a restaurant, but my taco salad seemed even tastier, grander in portion size and more beautifully plated even than the last time I ordered it.  It is more salad than "taco", with less than one carb serving of corn chips crushed onto the top of it and another carb worth of corn niblets and black beans scattered throughout the glistening mixture of greens. In other words it is about perfect for me. There is no dressing on the salad other than a droozle of guacamole across the top and just a small container of salsa and one of sour cream.  I can eat a bit of each of them or not.  I always share the fried cheese lattice with my huband to cut down on the amount of fat I ingest.  There is a bit of salt in the beef, but not as much as there is in other places where ground beef accompanies a meal, so the whole salad is just right for me.  I admit to eating the entire plateful and enjoying every last bite. AND I could do it relatively guilt free because when I weighed in last night for the first time in a month, I have lost 7 of the 11 pounds I gained over the spring and summer.  I got into some bad snacking habits that plagued me for several months, but the time in hospital deprived me of those opportunities and I know I feel better without snacking so am newly encouraged not to return to that practise.

My husband found a place to park our car for the rest of the day and overnight over on a side street not too far away from our back door.  Starting tomorrow morning the street into our complex will be torn up for about a week for badly needed repaving and nearly 200 cars that drive off that street into the parking areas for each court have to relocate during that time.  It is going to be chaotic bedlam until that street is repaved, but o what a blessing that it is being done.  The potholes are so wide and so deep I am surprised we have not torn the gasoline tank right out from under our car.  It is a nightmare that is soon going to end. YIPPEE!!  It is worth a week's inconvenience to have it fixed.  Thank you City of Regina for attending to this this autumn.  We are beyond grateful!  The repaving of our main thoroughfare outside the front door is about wrapped up after nearly 8 weeks of work redoing sidewalks and draining systems as well as fixing the road.  Next summer is going to be much quieter and easier to get around in our neighbourhood.  Nice to get it all over with at once.

Tomorrow an out of town friend is coming in to take me out for dinner and take me to do some "frolicking" with her as she runs errands.  We have the best time doing almost nothing and finding great joy in it.  My husband is off work tomorrow, having worked this afternoon and continuing to work into the evening hours getting caught up on work emails etc.  If I go out with my friend for a couple of hours it will give him some badly needed time alone in his own home, something he rarely gets to experience.

Please keep praying for my parents...some possibilities for them, Lord willing. Thank you!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Feeding Time at the Zoo, a Continuation....

Last evening we dined on wonderful steak and tonight it was roast turkey with all the trimmings, a gift from our bishop's wife as her church was having their fall rundraising dinner this evening.  The Bishop delivered two meals, complete with pie, to our home on his way from the dinner to yet another evening meeting.  

So now I truly do feel like the Goodyear Blimp....ooooh, my aching tummy.  Two nights in a row of eating too much dinner...I am paying for it now.  But oh, everyting has been so delicious.  I think I managed to balance out my carbs again tonight by only eating a few bites of the mashed potatoes and stuffing, eating instead more of the turnip...for once there seemed to be no sugar added to it and so it was delicious!  I had two forkfuls of REAL blueberries from one of the pieces of pie, leaving the rest of that piece and a slice of apple pie for my husband to eat tomorrow.  I didn't eat my delish looking home made roll, not even a nibble.  I concentrated on the turkey and the mixed veggies and excellent cole least I TRIED to be as good as possible with the food.  Unfortunately I just ate too darned much overall.

I feel like I have gained ten pounds in the past 24 hours.  However, most of the casserole meals and other donated foods are at an end and I, fortunately, am feeling more able to stand up long enough to actually cook something tomorrow.  

The time of feasting is at an end.  Time to return to my regular diet, my regular weight, ( I HAVE to have gained weight over the past 3 weeks, I simply HAVE to have gained weight!!)

Ooh tummy, forgive me for these last two days of sumptuous, rich food.  I am so sorry....but only sorry you caught me out since I wouldn't have missed a single bite for all the world!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sufficiently Suffonsified

Tonight I got myself dressed in actual clothes and my husband drove me to our church for the annual fall steak supper fundraiser.  It was a gloriously warm and sunny day today, perfect for an afternoon car ride and an evening out.

Honestly, is there anything more satisfying to the palate than a perfectly grilled medium rare steak?  I truly don't think anything can top it.  It has been so long since I had a properly cooked steak that, instead of eating my approved 2 ounces, I ate more than 6!!  I ate the entire steak!!  So, I feel completely stuffed and like I won't be able to eat again for several days, but it was entirely worth it.

The two men from our congregation who grilled the steaks out of doors on a huge grilling unit, managed to put out nearly 200 of these medium rare wonders...amazing!  Add in a perfectly dressed caesar salad, baked mixed beans that included green beans and lima beans rather than the standard warmed over tinned, metallic tasting navy beans, toasty hot baked potatoes with real bacon chips and sour cream and the meal was rather spectacular.  Sitting on the tables the meal appeared to be pretty plain fare, but it was all prepared so well that it was an absolute feast.  

Now, if my husband and I just could have supplied some decent wine.....sigh....I will NEVER get used to being served Naked Grape and Yellow Tail....blecch, pooey.....but other than that little glitch in the menu, it was a super meal.  The desserts were plain and tasty: chocolate cake squares, iced cream and apple crisp, such appropriate prairie sweets.  I had a wee taste of the chocolate cake...on top of nearly 7 ounces of protein...I will never settle my system down properly to get to sleep tonight, but I don't care.

A pretty nice day today...and if I spend all day tomorrow resting while my husband is at work, it doesn't matter.

Here and Gone

My husband finally arrived home from his clergy conference at 8pm yesterday.  I was so happy to see him I was nearly in orbit.  We had a whole hour to visit before he had to get to bed for another early start today.  This morning he was gone before 7am to cook breakfast for the Regional Archdeacons' meeting.  Tomorrow morning he will be gone fairly early once again to attend the Diocesan Finance Committee meeting, church is Sunday of course and then he has 3 more days of work before his HOPEFULLY two days off in a row.

I am seeing him getting too tired and it concerns me that he will slide into a CFS episode.  He has done incredibly well so far through all the stresses and strains of work thus far this autumn, as well as handling the stress of my accident, but I see the first small signs that it is becoming too much for him to keep going with no time off.  So, I am praying like crazy for a rest for him.  He so loves his job and that is a big help in keeping the CFS at bay.  We are tracking days off he has not had since Sept. 1 and hoping to sneak away to Calgary the first week of November after Synod is over. 

My week went well.  We had a couple of rather chilly days and nights so I discovered our furnace is working just fine...what a relief to not have to contact the management yet again for some kind of repair to the place.  Today our predicted high is +27C so it will be like a summer day before the temperatures begin the inevitable slide into our next season.

In between all the lovely visits I had this week with friends from here, there and everywhere, I began reading a wonderfully well written and witty book by Anne Lamott, "Travelling Mercies: some thoughts on faith".  It is a short autobiography of her journey to the discovery of faith, from her childhood in the tumultuous era of the "hippies", of which her parents were a big part, through her discovery of God and into her middle aged years. She is close to my own age, so her experiences mirror to some extent my own....except for the family life growing up of course.  I am trying to imagine either of my parents smoking a joint and failing miserably. hahaha

Tonight I am going out with  my husband.  We are attending the annual fundraising steak dinner at our parish church.  It will be noisy, exhausting, energy filled and will allow me to utilize my crutching skills to the maximum on the 20 or so steps leading to the basement area kitchen/dining room.  I am really looking forward to it, particularly after having to miss out on the refugee dinner on Tuesday.  I won't get to visit much with my husband there, but I will be out among people again.  YAY!!!!  It will be completely exhausting, but a lot of fun.

In another week I hope to be able to get to the Community choir rehearsals.  I will have missed the first 2 by then, but the director seems amenable to the idea of me starting late.  Hope my voice is a bit stronger by then as well.  If I can get to church this Sunday morning I can test it out with the songs there.

So, all is well. I see more movement happening with my hip and leg every couple of days. I am vigorously pursuing my physio exercises and wow, they are incredibly helpful.  It was good for me to be "alone" for 4 days to regain my confidence, to HAVE to use the stairs with no one to watch over me. (I use the word "alone" loosely, as there were at least 2 people checking on me every day while my husband was gone. haha)  The donated casseroles from the church were a wonderful mercy so that I didn't have to try to stand up to the point of being lightheaded to make a decent meal for myself.  What a wonderful group of women to donate so much food when they really don't even know me yet.

Didn't sleep all that well last night, too much noise outside, which is rather unusual, but will have a nap this afternoon...I hope.
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brrrrr...Chatter, Chatter, Chatter.....

This morning I awoke to a freezing cold bedroom and discovered our 7am temperature to be -3C!  That means it was even colder during the night.  

Why does it seem that it is way too early for the night time temperatures to be dipping so low?  Maybe it is because our summer took so long to arrive and was so short and so hot. Maybe it is because I am never prepared for the onset of autumn and winter, ever, during any year.

All I know is that I am sitting here shivering in my nightgown and housecoat and deciding on what the warmest, toastiest (pardon the pun), breakfast is that I could prepare for myself today.

I am happy that I survived well my first night alone with my crutches, no problems. Company from out of town is coming later this morning and tonight I am still hoping to feel up to going to the refugee dinner, but will see how it goes today.

Time for some brekkie and a warm sponge bath.  Once my husband gets home and purchases a "roll bar" as I call them for the tub I will able to shower and wash my hair properly once again.  It always feels so luxurious, that first shower after surgery.  Can't wait!

Monday, September 21, 2015

I Spoke Too Soon....Sigh.....

Apparently this move of my parents' was supposed to be a big secret....I had no idea they were capable of keeping such a huge secret to start with and now I have opened my huge yap....sigh...sigh....sigh.......

SO, now a huge glitch in their plans has arisen and it may not be possible for them to move after all, so my big mouth may have caused damage.  

For those you family and friends who know my parents, would you mind not saying a word to them about this??  I am so sorry...I had no idea this was not public knowledge.  I feel terrible....

In other news the repair man came today and my wireless and tv are working again.  So grateful..........

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Food In, Staples Out

My husband arrived home from church today with arms laden with food from our church family: canning jars filled with stew, an entire ham on the bone, scalloped potatoes, stuffed manicotti, fresh fruits and vegetables.  O my....I am going to be able to eat well while he is out of town this week and not have one worry about how I will manage to cook and move heavy pots and pans around the kitchen with only one hand free.  O thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, church family...what a huge stress has been removed for me this week and how nutritiously I will be eating.  Thank you Lord for these amazing people I barely know yet.

At 4pm my staples came out over at one of the health region offices.  It is only 2 blocks from our home and right next to the grocery store where my husband purchased some "extras" for me to enjoy while he is gone.  The procedure was painless, the home care nurse friendly, accommodating and able to tell me every step of what she was doing and what my responsibilities are to care for the 3 small incisions now that I am armed only with steristrips to keep the pressure off the newly released incisions.

After that I crutched my way almost half a block to to the grocery store and my husband picked up my treats while I took a quick tour around the perimeter of the shopping area and then sat on a strategically placed bench near the cashier.  So happy I had accrued sufficient PC points to save my husband fifty other words to almost pay for the entire basket of goodies.

After a ham sandwich and some scalloped potatoes for dinner, we both retired to our computers.  I am so glad I forced myself upright from the dining room table long enough to do dishes first.

Well, time to do my last physio of the day....I am exhausted but so very happy!

A Bit More Progress

A lovely morning this morning...sun and some warmth. The bright light coming in my window was perfect for an early morning ironing attempt.  My husband set up the board for me before he left for work and I managed to iron all 8 pieces from Friday's laundry.  My leg is a TAD sore at the moment from standing so long, but I will rest it and then have a warm stand up sponge bath.  It will feel GOOOOOD!

I am so relieved that I didn't have to iron the other 5 pieces...all items to wear on hot summer days, of which we have none left.  They will be packed up in the seasonal clothing bins as soon as I am able to stand unaided long enough to try on the fall and winter wardrobe and get set up for the change in weather.  There is no point in ironing pieces of clothing that are going into bins and will need to be ironed next spring when they come out of them again.

Right?  Of course right!!

Yawn......I need a nap! Again with the napping.....

Saturday, September 19, 2015

In the Absence of a Television

I am learning how to cope while stuck inside in a 1000 square foot townhouse without an operational television system.

My husband was gone for over 12 hours and it was one long day, I tell you....not that I usually watch much tv on a Saturday, but at least the news channels see some action from me.  Not today....o, it is going to be a long long wait until the repairman comes on Monday.....

I had all my day's doable chores finished well before 11am.  

So, I had a nap.  

Then I started a suspense novel.

Then I had lunch, washed my dishes and did my physio workout. 

Then I read some more of my novel.

Then I had a nap.

Then I hiked upstairs and responded to a couple of emails.

Then I read some more of my novel.

Then I had a nap.  

Then I finished the novel.

Then I ate a late dinner, did the dishes, did my physio and started a second novel.

Fortunately my husband arrived home about ten pages into novel number two and we had a wonderful visit around iced cream and banana slices before heading upstairs for a final email check and getting ready for bed.

My husband is all ready asleep.

Guess I will have a nap............

Tomorrow? Ditto I suspect....ooh it is going to be a long wait until 4pm when I head over to home care to have my staples removed and we pick up a few groceries for next week.  

Hopefully the repairman will actually show up on Monday........o, please let it be.......

Life's Little Victories

You know you are in post op recovery when the teensiest of tasks accomplished are such a freaking big deal!

This morning's joyous accomplishment was being able to put my own sock on my "bad" foot....all by myself!!!  It was accomplished to the tune of lots of creaking bones, stretching muscles and many many unfeminine grunts and groans, but accomplished it was!  YAY!!  I feel like Superwoman!! haha

Today I am grateful I got lots of banking updates done in my account book with only one addition mistake.  Like the rest of the technology in here, this morning my little solar powered calculator crashed and I had to do all the additions and subractions in my I always did until a few years ago when I finally wimped out and joined the rest of the world in giving up my own life long developed math skills and turned them over to the little hand held machine to do for me.  It felt fabulous to be able to still do those basic math skills "my own self!"

So, I have been able to be upstairs on my own today, using this old computer quite happily, able to navigate the stairs safely with my crutches.  I still have a load of towels to fold before my husband gets home tonight.  Unfortunately that is all the work I have left to do for chores for the rest of the day...and it isn't even 10:30am yet!!!  

Obviously I am feeling better, beginning to mobilize and navigate is going to be a LONG weekend until the tv/internet repair fellow shows up Monday afternoon.  We were on the cancellation list, but I guess no one has done that, so here we sit.  At least the tv itself still works and I can find some old movie to play on the now disabled VCR if I get desperate enough...I think I can bend down far enough to insert the disk into the machine.  

Well, off back downstairs. I am reading a fun book and my leg has been in this chair long enough for one session, so off to the comfy couch for some rest.  There was a lot of drunken hollering and revving car engines outside here, throughout the night, so neither of us slept very well. Hopefully  my husband is having a safe drive to the Diocesan camp today for an executive directors' meeting.  It is a good four hours away but he will have company for the part of the trip when he picks up another board member along the way.  I will be so happy for him once the end of October arrives and conference/synod are both completed so his life can return to one of frantic, rather than manic, busyness.

Friday, September 18, 2015

O Happy Happy Happy Day!

Today was a glorious day!  I GOT THE HECK OUT OF HERE FOR THE AFTERNOON!!

The weather was warm and calm, a perfect day for the beginning of the autumn.  After a couple of days of rain, everything on the ground was dry so it was safe for me to get outside and into the car.  

I enjoyed the car ride to a couple of banks where my husband joined the Friday lineups to pay bills while I sun bathed in the passenger seat of the car.  

Then the highlight: lunch out at my favourite Breakfast Bistro.  My chicken and caesar salad were delicious as usual, but they could have fed me charred cardboard and I would have loved it.  Just getting out for the first time in two weeks was amazing.

After lunch we stopped at the water outlet for some large jugs of bottled water and then drove over to the regional health offices to pay my ambulance bill, which was less than half of what I was expecting it to be!  YAY!

I have been faithfully checking my blood sugar and am delighted it is right back to where it was before this whole accident happened.  Cutting my carbs per meal to 1/2 or 2/3 at most of what I was eating while I was completely mobile has been very successful for me.

All in all a grand day!  I am so grateful for it....AND for my dear husband who spent the rest of the day doing laundry.  I spent the evening folding and hanging up.  Perhaps tomorrow I will attempt to set up the ironing board and press a couple of things.  Now that I am becoming more active it is time to start getting dressed and looking human will be so hard to give up lazing around all day in the old pj's......

Weekend Update

Happy Friday!  Due to my ongoing recovery it has been kind of a slow week around here, but now there are a couple of updates:

--My leg continues to heal, I see progress slowly but surely as I work through the physio 3 times each day and I am encouraged.  A lot of the fog cleared out of my head this morning after I was able to finally have a good cry about the whole inconvenient event and about the disaster that was my encounter with the anaesthetist during the surgery.  Wow, that cry felt so good as I am not a crier and it has taken me 2 weeks to have a little sob fest. Glad that's over!

--Yesterday afternoon our wireless internet and tv service crashed.  My husband spent over an hour on the phone with the Sasktel techs, but they are stymied as to what the problem is.  It may be the modem or even the set box for the tv, but Monday afternoon is the soonest they can free someone to come over and fix it.  Being stuck downstairs for so much of the day and not being able to use the iPad now for internet, my dear husband took pity on me.  This morning he went downstairs and sorted and sifted all the old wires left behind by myriad university students who rented this place before us.  He now has us both wired into the internet until the wireless system can be repaired.  Bless his heart! (he is also doing the laundry this morning...oh, he is such a great help to me and I am grateful!)  It will be wierd not having a tv for 3 or 4 days, but hardly a huge issue.   I have SO many  books to read right now.

--In a half hour or so I am going to start getting properly dressed for the first time in 2 weeks.  We are going to drive to the bank where my husband will learn how to pay the utility bills while I wait in the car hoping he doesn't mess it up. hahahaha  I am sending him to the teller as I can't trust him with the ATM. haha  Oh, he is so smart about everything but banking.  That is my area of expertise.  Then we are going to try to get me into a restaurant for lunch out.  If I get through that okay I know I will be sleeping for the rest of the afternoon!  You always think you are doing well when you are at home post-op, but then you get out of the house and realize the "vastness" of the distances involved to crutch walk anywhere.  Hopefully this experiment will go well.  Gotta start somewhere...

--My son has some possibilities on the horizon that may provide the answers to his prayers for direction over the next year or so. Thank you for praying for him and please continue as he comes to mind. He is very aware of the prayer help and grateful for it.

--My parents have huge news: as of today they are signed up to move into a lovely seniors' facility only a couple of blocks from where they live now.  They will be able to remain patients with their current doctors and dentists, BUT now will have a facility bus to assist them in getting to appointments.  Their condo goes on the market in less than a week's time and they are moving between Oct. 1 and 15!!  I am ecstatic for them.    They are in touch with a wonderful man who moves seniors and not only moves the few belongings they will have room for in the new place, but will also take their other belongings to the dump and the thrift store as indicated.  Since I am sitting here with a broken leg, unable to help them at all, I am beyond grateful for this man.  They have spent many hours all ready in this facility as they have several good friends all ready living there and are as excited as two little children to make this move.  Hopefully they will both survive the stress of the move.  Once clergy conference and diocesan synod here are completed near the end of October and my husband has a few weeks with no serious events to plan we will head out there to visit my parents and retrieve a small box of items they are setting aside for us.  Bless them....I am so very happy and relieved about this move.  It will make their lives richer and safer, as well as take a burden of worry off me...quite a nice bonus.  Another bonus my husband and I receive is that this particular facility has an agreement with our favourite hotel in Calgary and we will get a discount rate each time we go there to visit my parents.  It will help us to be able to go more often to visit and that is a good thing. This situation is typical of how my parents operate: lull, lull, lull, then bing bang boom and their entire life changes.  That is how I grew up and I tend to have things like that happen to me as well.  It is pretty cool and no time to worry about the changes because they happen so quickly!

--I will get the supreme test of how I am actually doing next week when my husband is out of town at the conference.  He will be gone 4 days and 3 nights.  He is only 40 minutes drive away this time, so can be here pretty quickly if  I need him.  I do have a "date" with the office gals to attend a fundraiser dinner at a local pub on Tuesday evening, the half way point, so I am guaranteed someone will be checking on me then.  I am still getting used to how many friends and aquaintances I have here that I can call on if I need assistance at any time.  It is humbling and wonderful.

--Our church family is bringing even more casseroles to my husband on Sunday.  These will keep me fed with good food while he is gone next week and I will not have the stress of trying to stand up and hobble around long enough to haul out cooking utensils, make meals and then get all those dishes over to the sink to wash and put away.  They are a great bunch, so thoughtful, as all our parishioners have been over the years.

So, that is the latest and greatest!  If I am actually going to be able to go out for lunch today I had better decide what is going to work for clothing and shoes. I still can't quite get my own sock and shoe on the "bad" leg, but I am SO close to Monday I am hopeful I will be able to do it myself.  It is an overcast day with bright flashes of warm sun here and there.  I need to have a jacket on that is light and can be easily removed.  The sheer adrenaline rush of being outside will raise my body temperature in a hurry. hahaha

Off to the races......


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Foodie Quotes

The following quotes are taken from "A Food Lover's Treasury", compiled by Julie Rugg and Lynda Murphy, Frances Lincoln Limited; London, 2008.

"A cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out, as good for nothing."
--Samuel Johnson
Oooh, like the first part, can't agree with the last idea!

"A fruit is a vegetable with looks and money.  Plus, if you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something Brussels sprouts never do."
--P.J. O'Rourke, Bachelor Home Companion (1987)

"There's no question but her tetchiness and most vulturous eating of the apricots are apparent signs of good breeding."
--John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi (1623)
Oooh, a bit of sarcasm accompanied this meal.....

"For three centimes I can eat, drink, and wash my face, all by the means of one of those slices of water-melon you display there on a little table."
--Anatole France, The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard (1881)
I knew there had to be SOME use for watermelon...surely they are not meant to be eaten....ugh!

"Oranges should be eaten in solitude and as a treat when one is feeling hungry. They are too messy and overwhelming to form part of an ordinary meal."  
 --Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea (1987)
Wish my mom had agreed with this when she was making my school lunches!

"At first he had amorously deceived himself into liking her experiments with food-- the one medium in which she could express imagination--but now he wanted only his round of favourite dishes:  steak, roast beef, boiled pig's-feet, oatmeal, baked apples.  Because at some more flexible period he had advanced from oranges to grape-fruit he considered himself an epicure."
--Sinclair Lewis, Main Street (1920)
And don't we all know a delusionally uppity someone just like the man in the quote???  Sigh....

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Cross Cultural Experience Right Here in My Own Front Yard!

Yesterday I had all the living room curtains and blinds thrown open wide so that I could watch the hundreds, maybe thousands, of runners going by as they ran our local Boston Marathon qualifier.  It was fascinating to see the array of running gear, the spread in the age groups, the supporters standing alongside the street cheering on their loved ones.  It is a bit lonely in here some days, so it was nice to feel slightly connected to the folk outside as I leaned on my walker and peered through the window.

About an hour after the last runner passed by I noticed some other rather intense activity going on out there.  I stood up to take a look and saw the most interesting and endearing sight!

A family from possibly India or thereabout, a mom and dad and teeny girl, dressed in the dress of their native country, were busy hand winnowing the many new pigweed plants that are growing in fresh soil along the front of our property where the sidewalks were recently repoured.  They each squatted down and cleared a small area of the weeds, which they stuffed down into plastic grocery bags to take home to eat, I assume, then would move on to another patch of weeds. **

** Side note: have you ever eaten freshly cooked pig weed (or lambs quarters as they are also known)?  It is fantastic...even better than spinach and the prairies are full of them.

I was rather amused as I watched drivers in the passing cars swivel their heads around to get a better look at this family out "gleaning in the fields", and I admit that even to me it was a bit of a shocking sight, right here in the Queen City. haha

Obviously at least somewhat new to Canada, no one had let this little family know that picking anything from someone else's private property is illegal here.  They had no idea they could be in any sort of trouble for doing it.  I suppose, as a former Albertan, all uppity about my own sense of "rights", (yes, that is part of my Alberta culture, it just is), I could have stumped out there to inform them they were doing something not done in Canada.  I could have called the police to have them removed.  There are all kinds of things I could have done to stop this infringement on the property where I pay rent.

What I actually did was wait for the woman to look up and see me, smiled at her and waved. She grinned back broadly and gave me a huge wave in return.  It was a very short interchange and it felt so good to not care about rights and the technicalities of the law.  That family is going to eat those plants that grow in profusion here in every fresh pile of soil, so the plants will not be wasted nor sprayed with weed killer.  Such an abundance of such a common commodity that is not as commonly recognized here any more as a food wonderful someone is putting it to good use.  The lady and I waved again at each other when she was finished picking and she took her husband and daughter off to wherever they now call home, bags bulging and spilling over with tasty bounty.

As I hear more about the world wide refugee crisis and realize that our country is going to have to "man up" and start taking in thousands of the fleeing persecuted from Syria and other countries in the middle east, I also realize Canadians are going to have to become more used to seeing the type of sight I saw yesterday outside my window in my own front yard.  It is going to be a difficult situation for us here in well to do Canada, where even many of our most poverty stricken have access to more goods and services than any of the refugees have had in their homelands.  People who don't know our lifestyle and our laws and social rules are going to cross our sensibilities and frustrate us.  Integration is going to be tricky if we sense the refugees are getting more concessions than our own citizens.

The world is in usual and this time Canada is not going to be able to stand back and remove itself or its citizens from the consequences of terrorism, refugees, confusion, cross cultural clashes, etc.  We had better mentally prepare ourselves for what is coming before it becomes a greater issue over the coming months.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

O, Granny, What Big Feet You Have!!

 The last couple of days the ankle I twisted, that caused the fall, has finally started to ache. This afternoon I managed to pull my sock down enough to have a look at it and o my!  It is not happy I guess about having to bear so much of my standing weight.  Its swollen self is bright blue around the protruding bone and then the colour degenerates to light mauve and sickly yellow down to the sole of my foot.
Well, I have no choice but to continue to use it as usual.  If I stick my brilliantly coloured foot in between the flower arrangements in here it will look like just another bouquet. I could stick it up there and wriggle my toes.  They would resemble sea anemones waving under water....

I am tired....

To My Many Empty Nester Friends

Many of my friends this fall have watched the last of their offspring leave home for college or work and not all of them are coping well with the loss of that daily contact.  I have been thinking about this for a long time, but particularly recently watching my friends grieving this time of transtion in their parental lives.  It is a significant time.  Below is part of a letter I wrote to a friend of mine and I hope some of you who are struggling or soon to be struggling with ENS will find something helpful buried within it:

If it is okay I will just share with you what I have been thinking about Empty Nest Syndrome and the difficulties that time of life entails.  This is what I have learned, am still pondering and I hope there is something here that is helpful for you at some point in the process of letting go of your own children in the sense of freeing them to live their own lives:

We all attempted to teach our children to be independent, able to stand on their own two feet and cope with life away from our constant guidance, but we also have to be taught by the Lord and by the experience of their leaving that they will (eventually) be able to do exactly that.  The lessons are as much ours as theirs and we are not the most willing students sometimes.

We begin to learn the rules of Parenting Part Two: discerning and practising when to step back while they are floundering with the realities of adulthood and when to step in to save them from their own ignorance based folly.  Whether or not they accept it at the start of their newly adult lives, they will always need us to remain, although sometimes very much in the background, praying for them and doing our best to decipher what role is best for us to take in their struggles to complete the process of growing up.

We will learn that sometimes, no matter how well we instructed them at home, no matter how much they truly do know, no matter how righteous they try to be, they will make glaring errors in judgement, finances, education and career choices and we will remember that so did we.  They will have romantic relationships of which we do not approve and so did we.  If they do not experience the exact mistakes that we made, they will experience their own and, like us, they will choose how to correct the errors and mitigate the pain as we have done in our own lives.  Sometimes they will begin to choose wisely and sometimes they will not, just like us.  Sometimes they will learn their lessons and sometimes they will not, ,just like us.

The thing that we as Christian parents can know, can trust, can be fully assured of, is that the God to whom we have ultimately entrusted our children will love them with a far greater and knowledgeable love than even we ourselves are capable of.  He will be their perfect heavenly Father, making up for our own parenting mistakes, drawing close and pulling back as He deems necessary as they live their own lives, just as He has done for us.

Sometimes we will cry out in despair, wondering how God’s hand could possibly be involved in what is going on in their lives.  Sometimes we will rejoice mightily at His obvious involvement in the good things they are experiencing.

Parenting Part Two involves as much or even more prayer by us for our now grown children.  It requires a maturity from ourselves even more so than from them as we step away and revel in all the good things they do, a patience and trust in the Lord for the things we can’t agree with as they go through their lives.

We can experience the joys and fears of watching them spread their wings and fly off to new horizons, we can trust that as human beings we have done our level best with God’s help to give them all the tools they need for eventual success in their own lives. 

They leave us, yes, but knowing a warm welcome is always waiting for them should they need to return home temporarily to regroup, or even just to visit with a view to some free meals and laundry services. 

When they seem to be failing we can still turn to God as we have always done, we can provide the voice of reason when they will let us do so.  We can pray them through the harder lessons that can only be learned through failure and we can leap for joy with every lesson learned, either easily or with difficulty.

As parents we can support each other in prayer, with laughter and joy and occasionally with broad shoulders as we watch our kids making their way through their lives in times of feast and times of famine.  God has entrusted us to raise our children, we have done our best and now it is up to Him.

The nest isn’t really empty….not the real nest of family relationships.  It has simply been remodelled. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great Day in the Morning, and the Afternoon and the Evening!

Highlights of the day:
-learning to use the iPad
-getting all the dishes washed after every meal
-standing in the warm sun on the back porch...twice
-being disciplined to do all three rounds of physiotherapy and not cheating
-watching an entire series of a favourite tv show 
-figuring out a way to sweep the kitchen floor AND sweep the pile onto the dustpan!!
-enjoying long phone conversations with two of my best friends from other towns
-receiving one of the most fairy tale-like bouquets ever from a church in our former parish
-seeing the excitement on my poor, tired husband's face as he reviewed my day of accomplishments

prayer requests:
-for travelling friends whose van is having mechanical troubles part way along their route
-for my tired and overworked husband who did not need me to pull this on him right now
-for my mom who has been diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition
-for my son as he has some big decisions brewing 

Thank you for the ongoing concern for me/us.  Our friends, known and unknown, mean so much to us!

it will take time to learn, ha ha

Well, managed to write a few sentences before making my page disappear from the screen, ho, ho, ho. This is going to be a fun new toy for me.  Have had it nearly a year, but have not been able to pry it out of my husband's hands very often. He went from being a Luddite sort of fellow to a crazed tekkie over the course of about 2 weeks!
My first time alone for the day. It will be a good test of my ability to care for myself. He leaves for 6 days out of town at a major conference in less than 2 weeks time. I have to be able to cope by then. What a joy to live where we are surrounded by friends who will be watching out for me. I don't feel worthy of all the caring people I have met in our brief time here.
Well, must go and do my physio exercises. Just finished breakfast so have to start working on lowering  my post prandial blood sugar spikes.  Had some interesting numbers while in hospital.  Aiiii yiiiii......chronic pain will do that, but time to get back on track!i

A new toy!

This morning I am learning to use my husband's iPad so I can do blog posts without having to hobble upstairs to my computer.  Darned decent of him to take the time as he rushes off to a day long finance committee meeting.
The sun is shining again today and that is all it takes to make me cheerful.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air....Aaaaahhhhh, So Good!

Yesterday I had two sets of company drop in and I had to "walker myself" out to the back porch to direct them where to park.  The warm, rich autumn air filled me with such joy it was almost surreal!  After being cooped up in a hospital room, even for the few days that I was over this past week, the fresh air seemed almost too luxurious to breathe.  For the first time since we moved in here, I was grateful for the parking lot difficulties.  I am going to get myself outside again a couple of times today as well so that I can take as full advantage as possible of the last warm days before the temperature plunges on the weekend.  I felt so giddy I was almost praying my gratitude for the air.

Found a couple of cute sayings in a email forward that came to me a few days ago:  I am not a fan of  forwards as a rule, but this one had a couple of cute statements that tickled me:

1.  I wonder if clouds ever look down and say, "Hey, look!  That one is shaped like an idiot!

2.  There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't jump a puddle for you.  (as a Christian I think there is actually more truth to this one than we want to admit sometimes...sometimes the most loving thing we can actually do for someone is to step out of their way, out of their lives, and let the Lord do what needs to be done for them)

A friend lent me a book about food.  It is a compilation of paragraphs and statements about foods and tastes and food philosophies gleaned from literary works from the 1700's to the present day.  I have to read it in small chunks, but as I read I will post a few of my faves over the coming days.  Since I just started it last night and I was tired, I am a bit fuzzy as to what exactly I read, so will take another peak at it tonight and find some "goodies" (pardon the pun) to post. 

It is nearly 10am.  I have had one lovely phone call all ready this morning from a friend on the Island out west and am planning to call a friend in Ontario after her lunch hour.  I am still upstairs here at my computer and don't want to disturb my husband again just yet, so will do a couple of emails before asking him to assist me in heading downstairs for the rest of the day.  My husband is taking his day off today,  but is enjoying writing an article for our national church website rather than cleaning up the place, doing dishes etc.  He has been so helpful I want to stay up here for awhile yet before I disturb him again...since he has brought me breakfast in bed for the past 2 days I think it is the least I can do, right? haha  This afternoon we are going to do dishes; I will wash and he will dry and put away. Tidying up the place will make us both feel less crabby while this healing process takes place.

Hope you all have a great day today. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Blogging Break to Deal With Another Kind of Break

Well, at least my husband made it to the house blessing and pot luck that I wrote about in my last post.  As for me...well, I couldn't go because I broke my left femur on my way to a noon hour doctor's appointment and was in the hospital that night.  I am so glad I got the veggie dish made before I left so he could take it over.

Yeah....another fall, another broken bone. Sigh...this osteoporosis crap along with weak ankles and my stupidity in deciding to walk to the doctor's office without repatterning my brain for my autumn one to blame but myself and my own thoughtlessness.  I was starting out from home, walking too quickly as I was a bit late, then got myself distracted trying to see the name of the cab company whose taxi had just picked up a fare a couple of doors away from me.  As I was crossing our parking lot, staring at the taxi instead of the ground, I stepped on a small pebble, twisted my ankle and fell sideways so quickly there was no time to think about how to protect any part of me except my head. Thankfully that was at least successful! haha

Short version: sat up and realized I couldn't move my leg, the taxi driver saw me as he was pulling out and stopped to see why I was laying on the pavement. God bless him.  He ran to get my husband, who thankfully had the presence of mind to grab his cell phone on the way out of the house...although he went into deep shock so quickly upon finding me laying on the pavement that I actually had to tell him how to call for the ambulance.  "Uh, honey, that would be NINE-ONE-ONE......yes, it is an ambulance we need here....yes, our address is....TELL them our address dear so they can find me....teehee....."  I wish, O HOW I WISH I had a video of him freaking out.  Talk about funny.....but isn't it amazing he was having a rare day off from the office that same day???

The ambulance paramedics were great, they drove over the massive pot holes over the 6 block drive to the hospital with such care and compassion.  They and the emergency room staff filled me with blessed morphine (ooooh, but a bit more Gravol with it would have helped the old tummy a lot....ick....).  My dear husband sat down beside me and stayed with me until I eventually arrived in my room.

The surgery was the next day, very successful I am told and also I was so blessed to have one of the best hip surgeons in the city. Thanks to his discernment with the x-rays, he was able to avoid giving me a complete hip replacement! Is that a mercy or what, right??  I cried with relief when I came to in recovery and found that out....months and months in a rehab facility avoided.  Whew!!!  How grateful am I????

Interesting stay in hospital over a long weekend holiday and I will blog more about the hilarities of the stay there in a day or two.  I did receive good care, sufficiently and sometimes surprisingly good food and many visits, cards, flowers, food....ooh, it was lovely in that respect. Thanks to the discipline I had to learn about doing physio with the broken ankle previously, I aced that portion of the competition and got sent home only 4 days after the operation.

Now our townhouse is filled with medical equipment to make our lives and my recovery easier over the next few weeks.  How grateful I am to live in a country where such things are readily available.  When I know what people to through in far away countries with no such help available, how can I be angry that this happened?  Better me than someone who would either die from such an untreated injury, or at best suffer terribly for the rest of their lives.

So, a bit more inconvenience, a bit more waiting to find things to be involved in here in my new city, a bit more research to locate a new osteoporosis specialist and check out a brand new drug that may be of more help to me than the present one, appointments to make for post op checkups and staple removal.....for such a tiring and disorienting day it is going to be a busy one nonetheless.

Life is never boring is it?  The unexpected always rears its head at some point and creativity is called for to deal with it.  Good thing I occasionally enjoy a challenge.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Cooking Conundrum

Tonight is a house blessing and potluck dinner at the home of one of our priests.  I am supposed to fill in the gaps on the "menu" and bring a hot vegetable casserole and a non-sweet dessert.  

I have a refrigerator full of vegetables but I am not sure the best way to combine them, what herbs to use, maybe some kind of light sauce....just not sure. there any chance I am going to open my veggie crisper this morning and suddenly find my mind filled with amazing possibilities???

Then there is the dessert:  do I need to bake something diabetic friendly or should I "cheat" and cut up some Vector and Kind bars into little squares, place them on a nice plate with an assortment of nuts in the centre and call it good?  Since none of the other people in attendance there tonight eat those bars, (my wonderful husband did some sleuthing for me), perhaps they would go unrecognized???

It is a terrible thing to wake up at 5am with a staff potluck looming and not a creative thought in my head as to how to utilize what I have here to make something delicious for 13 people. I only have until 2pm at the latest to decide what to cook and get on with it.  I SHOULD be home from my doctor's appt. by then.  Maybe I better do some cooking this morning???

The day is complicated by the fact that I didn't realize my husband is not going into the office today but will do a bit of work from here at home.  It means I will want to work in making him lunch around my noon hour doctor's appointment and not just be concerned with taking care of myself for meals.  Not that he is demanding and is quite capable of making his own lunch quite happily...I just enjoy making his meals....he is the only wage earner here and so I like to spoil him a wee bit.

It is the Labour Day long weekend.  Other than tonight's social event and the birthday party brunch I am attending tomorrow, we have no special plans.  My husband has to get his sermon written for Sunday morning, but he will do that today so he can relax here at home tomorrow.  It is a holiday weekend when we do not enjoy being out on the highways. For many families it is the "last hurrah" for holidays before setting more calmly into the school and work routines this fall.  There is an extra level of frantic driving, stress and let down that summer is essentially ovr with.  It is not pleasant driving for us at such times.

Last night there was an excellent service of commissioning and installation for a new rector at one of our churches.  The man is from Ontario and I hope that neither our prairie winters nor attitudes destroy the poor fellow.  He is a lovely person and has an excellent reputation as a priest.  All the best Michael and don't let the differences in climate and attitude throw you for a loop.

I tried to enjoy the lovely snack provided by the church women last night, but something didn't work for me and that is probably a good thing.  I had a few strawberries and avoided the high sugar fruits.  The brownie looked so good so I nicked an end off one of the squares, tossed it into my mouth and bit down....o  my.  There was cinnamon added to the chocolate and for some reason it made me gag.  How completely embarrassing.  Here we all were standing around in the church foyer, enjoying the food and fellowship and I was horking up my snack into a large napkin.  Yikes....the taste in my mouth was so vile. I had another strawberry and that didn't help, so I cut a small end off a piece of lemon square.  O tasted to me like lemon slime and so back I went to horking it up into another napkin, trying to keep my back to everyone.  Do you know how difficult it is to gag quietly???? Yikes...see the Executive Archdeacon's Wife.  See the food.  See the napkin. See the Executive Archdeacon's wife gagging up the food into the napkin.  Sigh.....

There was nothing wrong with the food, it was just my body telling me it didn't want it and that just because it looked so good didn't mean I should be trying it, not even the barely mouthful size bits I tried.  I came home and had a little container of yogurt and that settled things down.  

Potlucks are nightmares for diabetics, so I am very glad to have to take a casserole tonight.  If all else fails I can eat what I brought and have the teensiest spoonfuls of a couple of other things.  Hopefully not all the salads will be slathered in dressing.  What I am looking forward to is spending the time with the other office members and spouses in a social setting for a change.  They truly are a great group and lots of fun.

Looking forward to my walk to the doctor's office as well.  Right now I am inventing more creative ways to exercise at home once the ice has covered the sidewalks and streets for the winter and I am prevented from walking outside.  Now that the road construction on the front street is done for this year my bus stop has been reinstated.  I am very happy about that.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Best Chicken Burger in Regina!

After a hectic morning of shopping on the east side, I stopped for lunch at a little restaurant on Quance that I hadn't noticed before:  Breakfast Bistro!  Oooo yummy, I am so glad I finally found the place.

It is a family run bistro with lots of delicious looking breakfast foods, but also some lovely salads and burgers.  The menu is smaller but the prices are EXCELLENT!!!  Nearly everything on the menu is made by the family, there on the premises.  Delish!

I ordered the home made chicken burger with a caesar salad.  The salad was so delicious...not dripping with dressing and with the addition of pumpkin seeds and paper thin slices of fresh apple in amongst the healthy portion of parmesan slivers.  The burger itself was HUGE.  It more than covered the toasted pretzel bun (and yes, I was a good little diabetic and only ate half the bun, even though it was my favourite kind).  The chicken patty was filled with herbs, covered in melted cheese, with arugula below, tomato, avocado on top.....oooh, it was the nicest meal and only $14.95!  The portions were so large for that price!  Definitely a place I will return to and take husband and friends with me!  It is only open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee, 8am to 5pm. 

After checking to find out there were no corn products in the home made cinnamon buns and baklava, I purchased some of those for my husband.  I think he will be pretty happy with them.

After such a busy morning, I was really ready to sit down and enjoy such a lunch.  Yay, another new and excellent restaurant here in my own city!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All Swum Out For This Season!

What a wonderful day to end the summer for me!  By tomorrow the rain and cooler temps will be on the way, taking hold for the autumn.

BUT today, we party in the pool!  I spent 2 glorious hours floating, swimming, visiting, batting wasps and eating a wonderful summertime luncheon: fresh lemonade, sliced garden cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, red pepper hummus, "squeaky" cheese from Quebec and a handful of crackers for some carbs.  I have a purse filled with bags of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for my husband and I to enjoy over the next couple of days. Thank you my friend for EVERYTHING!

And now, back to work:  I got the living room and entry way cleaned before I went, only the dining room and kitchen remain and I should have lots of time to clean those before it is time to make dinner.  My husband has another meeting this evening, so I need to have it ready on time.  

Tomorrow his evening meeting is actually a service of induction for a new priest at one of our churches, so I will be able to go along. They are such happy services, filled with joy and hope for the future of whatever parish is getting a new priest.


The hot sun is now hidden under a cloud least I think it is clouds...there is no smoky smell, but the super hotness of the afternoon has dissipated under this cloud cover.  Ahhhhh yes....I hear thunder in the far distance. Perhaps the rain is coming sooner than first predicted.  O my....I hope my husband has a chance to throw the rest of the cement sealer on the basement wall before it gets too wet outside....and in....once again!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And So It Begins Again

I got the upstairs cleaned today....only the upstairs and it took me hours and hours, BUT I did a great job.  Everything looks so fresh and new, closets and shelves are reorganized in 3 rooms.  It is all good and since I did manage to get the kitchen floor washed downstairs, that will be one less thing to do in the morning before I get an extra final swim in during the afternoon.  It is very hot today and is to be +33C tomorrow, so a perfect day to relax in the water for a couple of hours.  I feel good for having accomplished something today.

My husband returned to work with a vengeance.  It took him most of the morning to redo his entire fall calendar with all the new meetings and events that have come up since he left on holidays and must be done, like everything else in this job, immediately if not sooner.  Then he had 3 back to back meetings in the afternoon and is home a bit earlier than expected for dinner. Why is he home early?  Because he has a meeting tonight!

And so it begins once again.....the unexpected cutting into our personal plans and I am going to have to bite the bullet once again.  I am not complaining because I knew it would likely be this way.  The personal disappointments are minor in comparison to the greater good that is being done in the running of our diocese. I got spoiled having him here most of his holidays and being able to do whatever we wanted as we learn to enjoy the events available in our new city.  Now it is time for reality again, that's all.

Another unexpected social and spiritual event came up today for Friday evening: a pot luck dinner and house blessing at the new home of one of our dear priests.  She is a great woman, hilarious, practical and never in a hurry.  I love her!  It will be so much fun being there with all the office staff and their spouses.  AND best of all, my husband and I get to attend together.

And Life Goes On As Usual

My husband returned to work this morning after a full month off.  I will miss having him around all day and the spontaneous day trips for shopping and local sight seeing.

However, it is time to get some routine back into our lives.  Neither of us had any trouble with the alarm going off at 6:30am, my husband was excited to get back to work and see his colleagues, I know I am going to feel less sluggish and lazy with better regulated meal times and having to plan most of my week in advance once I find out what days the car is available to me.

I am about to get started on the long neglected housework to mark the end of my part of the Holiday Time.  As long as I don't get interrupted I may just accomplish some good work today.

I need to call a local "friend of a friend" and arrange delivery of a package to her from one of the camper wives from AB.  There is a birthday party for another friend here in town on Saturday, so there is something fun and social to look forward to at the end of the week.  Company is coming for an overnight next week, another similar visit is happening at the end of this month, we have family and friends we want to invite over for dinner throughout September....oh how lovely to have an actual social schedule that needs arranging!!  I am delighted!

Had a lovely "farewell to summer holidays" dinner at Bushwakker's last night.  I had the always fabulous taco salad with beef and what my husband's steak sandwich lacked in size of steak it more than made up for with the accompanying spinach salad, that included sliced cherry tomatoes, sauteed fresh mushrooms and onions and smoked gouda chunks.  Such reasonable prices will keep bringing us back.  I am finding that with the popularity of salads in recent years, the prices have climbed to ridiculous heights for nothing very fabulous. Bushwakker's thus far is my favourite exception.  The dinner made up for the horrible buffet we had on Sunday at a pub that shall remain nameless.  Yeeeeuck!!!  We wouldn't have eaten it, but by the time we got to the restaurant my hunger was so great I couldn't face leaving and attempting to find something else open in the area.

So, holidays ended on a postive note and I am now inspired to get to work around here.