Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Bit More Progress

A lovely morning this morning...sun and some warmth. The bright light coming in my window was perfect for an early morning ironing attempt.  My husband set up the board for me before he left for work and I managed to iron all 8 pieces from Friday's laundry.  My leg is a TAD sore at the moment from standing so long, but I will rest it and then have a warm stand up sponge bath.  It will feel GOOOOOD!

I am so relieved that I didn't have to iron the other 5 pieces...all items to wear on hot summer days, of which we have none left.  They will be packed up in the seasonal clothing bins as soon as I am able to stand unaided long enough to try on the fall and winter wardrobe and get set up for the change in weather.  There is no point in ironing pieces of clothing that are going into bins and will need to be ironed next spring when they come out of them again.

Right?  Of course right!!

Yawn......I need a nap! Again with the napping.....

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chris e. said...

Can you iron sitting down?